How do YOU Use your Facbook Fan Page? Do You Even Have One?

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Original Post

**Note, this is not to list your Fan Page. That belongs in promotions. This is to talk about HOW you use your Fan Page for your business...

Hi everyone. So I have jumped on the Facebook Fan Page bandwagon. At first, I thought... "Another thing to update??!!," but I care about my Etsy shop and getting the word out to everyone.

Not only did I make one, but TWO (one for Art2theextreme and one fore Rainbow Crayons, since that is what I have become known for)

I am curious to know HOW you use your fan page, besides trying to "get as many fans as you can"?

Once you get fans, what is going to keep them from "hiding" your updates? What do you do?

1. I think great pictures are a must!!!

I need a new Profile Picture for the Art2theextreme fan page because it is not catchy enough and it is boring. Make sure your picture can tell WHAT you sell and WHO you are!

2. Find ways to interact with visitors.

This is more of a challenge. If you create a fan page, you, and only you, get to see stats about who is visiting, how long they stay, interaction quality, and other useful stats (to the left of your page).

How am I trying to interact? Well I have not been successful, but I have posted a question and those who comment on the question, get put in a drawing for a free set of Rainbow Crayons. I have done this on each of my pages. I posted the information in my blog as well to drive traffic to the page.

Was I successful yet, no, but it is not a bad idea at all. Just takes some tweaking, as well as trial and error.

3. Do not forget to add the RSS feed of your shop and blog!

Your Fan Page will automatically update! This will even post to Facebook for you! You can do this right from your fan page under the "Edit Page" tab to the left.

4. Create buttons to place on your websites and blogs to direct Fans to your Fan Page!

You can do this right from your Facebook Fan Page to the left! You can see two different versions... one of a button (left side) and one with a button and summary (right side) on my blog home page.

I personally do not like the summary because it looks bad in the three column style blog, but maybe it is your thing!

Do you have a Fan Page? What do you do to keep it going and make it interesting? Please post your comments below?

You can also check out more tips and links about Facebook and Fan Pages on this blog update (with more to come).

**Remember, as much as you want to link to your fan page here, it belongs in promotions. Please check out the ongoing master list of fan pages and add yours at this thread...

Thanks for reading. I hope you found this helpful!

Posted at 11:22am Jul 28, 2009 EDT


Oops... those last links did not work...

You can also check out more tips and links about Facebook and Fan Pages on this blog update (with more to come).

**Remember, as much as you want to link to your fan page here, it belongs in promotions. Please check out the ongoing master list of fan pages and add yours at this thread...

Posted at 11:23am Jul 28, 2009 EDT

Great information, thank you for sharing. I wish I could find time with working on mine. I have it setup but not much going on with it. Its hard kepeing up with all these social networks.

Posted at 11:25am Jul 28, 2009 EDT

I actually set my first one up last summer and never touched it. That was before almost anyone was thinking of doing that for Etsy and there were just silly pages like... "Become a fan of sunbathing."

That is the only thing against the fan pages... many of my actual friends HATE becoming "fans" or anything because there are many pointless fan pages out there... funny.. but pointless....

That is one things that might distract or turn away people.

Time is going to be hard for me. I am a teacher and start school in about a week... who knows what I will have time for!

Thanks for commenting!

Posted at 11:28am Jul 28, 2009 EDT

madebysam says

Great information, thank you for sharing :)

Posted at 11:31am Jul 28, 2009 EDT

I also have two fan pages and am slowly becoming more acquainted with all of the cool functions. Right now I am adding new photographs most days, with each style going into a different photo album. I usually post some comments about the materials and a link to the item in my store under the photograph. My fans have been pretty active, making compliments and "liking" them and I make sure to acknowledge every one of them. I have had two sales from it so far.

Posted at 11:32am Jul 28, 2009 EDT

madebysam says

I think the best way to keep Fan page work is updating it everyday. just think:D, because I have just opened my Facebook Fan page, and I am trying :)

Posted at 11:37am Jul 28, 2009 EDT

WOW! That is awesome Serendipity!

You know... I wish Etsy had a little survey about how they found this Etsy shop customers could check as they check out. I would love to know where customers come from or when things do work, such as a Fan page.

Not practical at all for buyers and they would find it annoying most likely... but we can dream, right?!

Posted at 11:39am Jul 28, 2009 EDT

I have also been making it a goal to update each day, madebysam. You have great photos BTW!

Posted at 11:40am Jul 28, 2009 EDT

I use mine to show new items, as well as update fans on the status of my business. i also show them pictures from my personal collection & custom work I have done.

Posted at 11:41am Jul 28, 2009 EDT