New cat, hasn't used litter box in two days

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Original Post

jenmaestre says

Our room-mate brought home a very handsome and friendly cat. The cat was an indoor-outdoor cat at his old home.
He really, really wants to go out, but we want him to know he lives here before we even think of that.
(oh, and if he were my cat, he wouldn't go out at all, I've lost too many that way)

The thing is, he hasn't used his litter-box in almost two days, and is walking around yowling.

What do you etsy cat experts think?

Posted at 10:25pm Jul 28, 2009 EDT


I think if he hasn't pottied AT ALL in two entire days, he needs to go to the vet. He could just be stressed (most likely) but it could be very dangerous to have all that built up in his system.

Posted at 10:27pm Jul 28, 2009 EDT

how about a trip to the spa, you know to take his mind off things

Posted at 10:28pm Jul 28, 2009 EDT

BuyMyCrap says

try massaging his genitals area with a warm cloth.

Posted at 10:29pm Jul 28, 2009 EDT

Yes, it seems that a trip to the vet is in order. I feel bad for the little guy.

Posted at 10:29pm Jul 28, 2009 EDT

BuyMyCrap says

In the UK we say that you should put butter on a cats paws. They go outside, spend ages licking it off and remember where they live. How weird is that?

Posted at 10:30pm Jul 28, 2009 EDT

beesipea says

he is probably confused and really has to go. take him out on a leash...he probably wont go, but at least it will let him know the route he needs to take there and back.

Posted at 10:30pm Jul 28, 2009 EDT

picbrace says

I used to be a vet tech many years ago, and if it's a male cat, they can become blocked. He needs to go to the vet if that is the case. If a blocked cat is untreated he can die.
They will insert a catheder to relieve him and keep him in the hospital for a few days.

Posted at 10:33pm Jul 28, 2009 EDT

picbrace says

Sorry, I also meant to say, just google "blocked cat" and you can read the symptoms and see if that is what your cat is experiencing.

Posted at 10:36pm Jul 28, 2009 EDT

ha, that cats gonna get a hose up it's ass because somebody won't show it the litter box (a few times)

Posted at 10:37pm Jul 28, 2009 EDT

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