Delivery time from USA to Australia??

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Original Post

I just had a customer ask about a shipment sent earlier this month (approximately 20+ days ago) from Boston to Australia. I was just wondering if anybody had experience with delayed shipments there? I've shipped several packages to AUS before, and it normally doesnt take this long (I ship small, lower cost items, so I generally ship first class).

Should I tell the seller to wait longer? If I send a replacement, who pays for the shipping? as its neither of our faults the items hasnt been delivered yet.

Posted at 10:50am Jul 31, 2009 EDT


mine have taken about a week first class in the past....or as long as three weeks if it got stuck in customs.

as far as lost packages that don't have tracking or delivery confirmation or insurance, i pay for replacement and shipping as a courtesy to my customer and as it is my responsibility to deliver on the goods.

Posted at 10:55am Jul 31, 2009 EDT

tcmally says

From what I understand, shipping to AU can take from 4 days to 5 weeks. It's only been about 3 weeks for your customer, i would ask them to wait just a little while longer.

As for the shipping cost of replcing the item? As a seller, that responsibility falls on you. I understand it's not your fault, but it's not the fault of your customer either. Good customer service means you should pay the shipping for the replcment (if necessary)

Posted at 10:55am Jul 31, 2009 EDT

It if was over a certain dollar amount, it may have gone into customs. If it's there and they are opening the package to look at it, it could take longer.

Posted at 10:56am Jul 31, 2009 EDT

Hi everybody thank you for your thoughts! the total cost of items mailed was under $10 USD, and the weight was light, probably under 5oz, so generally they have no problems in customs.

Posted at 11:02am Jul 31, 2009 EDT

I shipped a mini teaset to Israel several years ago and it took two months. I kept checking with her and she finally told me--"Oh, don't worry, it takes about two months to get here--and it did! (She loved the teaset and I was so relieved when it got there.)

Posted at 11:13am Jul 31, 2009 EDT