California Chit Chat Thread "Another Month Gone By" Week of Aug 2 to Aug 8

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Original Post

ALL California Sellers Welcome!

Welcome to the Chit Chat California Sellers Thread. No need to belong to a team, come and join the talk when you can and share business ideas, life, kids stories, new projects, questions about etsy. It's always a fun place to meet casually.

To keep this thread fun and stress free, let's keep it religion and politics free please. There are several threads already for that. Let's have fun chatting here.

Post new stuff we list, relist to pump up the views a little bit. Let's keep it moderated maybe no more than 10 a day. Let's post all treasuries in which we are involved. Ones we make featuring friends, favorites. Promoting is the key here so let's give each other a hand!

Have a great Week everyone!

Posted at 9:44am Aug 2, 2009 EDT


good morning,

rough night, I think I'll sleep most of the day today....ugh.. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though,,,,really.

Posted at 9:46am Aug 2, 2009 EDT

good morning!

yoli, sorry you had a rough night. glad you can see the light at the end of the tunnel! :-)

i need to do a little more picking up in the LR ... then some listing ... hopefully clean the vanity & mirror in the bathroom ... then i can play! :-)

Posted at 9:50am Aug 2, 2009 EDT

good morning!

yoli - {{ HUGS }}

Posted at 9:53am Aug 2, 2009 EDT

Good morning!
Yoli-Hope you feel much better today. Take it easy.
Have a great one!

Posted at 10:20am Aug 2, 2009 EDT

morning! Nice and cool. Thx for the help on naming the curve necklace - it's now the Spin Necklace.

Today all 4 of us are going to do something together! Like bike ride to somewhere to picnic/get icecream or the like. (ok ok inbetween 3 loads of laundry I have to do).

Am going to whip out a few pairs of earrings with those last few bits of teeny tiny freshwater pearl, garnet beads and a charm or two.

Later gaters.

Posted at 11:51am Aug 2, 2009 EDT


yoli - how are you doing?

I get to do laundry and get groceries today, as hubby wanted to go thrifting in ventura yesterday. he and the boy got 2 big bags of clothes - I, as usual, got nothing... :( oh well... see you guys later!

Posted at 12:08pm Aug 2, 2009 EDT

good morning.

hang in there Yoli!

RBB - I am doing the grocery thing today too... should probably go soon since there's nothing to eat for breakfast. But I hate shopping hungry! What's a girl to do?

Posted at 12:39pm Aug 2, 2009 EDT



this is my new shop for the fall. i hope.

Posted at 12:46pm Aug 2, 2009 EDT

Cool Laveme. What's happening with your house?

Glad you can see the light at the end of the tunnel Yoli. Makes a huge difference.

Sorry I missed you RBB! Copper really missed Colin.

Feel a little better but still overwhelmingly tired. Need to clean house and list lots more items.

Posted at 12:51pm Aug 2, 2009 EDT