Seems Paypal is having problems today...

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Original Post

It won't even let me log in to print some shipping labels. Is it just me and my browser? Anyone else?

Posted at 12:48pm Aug 3, 2009 EDT


I need to print some labels too. I will go check.

Posted at 12:50pm Aug 3, 2009 EDT

It's not you. I got a "currently unavailable" message.

Posted at 12:51pm Aug 3, 2009 EDT

dippylulu says

I wish I had a label to print to find out for you. ;)

Sometimes simply logging out and back in again will solve the issue.

Posted at 12:52pm Aug 3, 2009 EDT

I've had that problem since Friday. Paypal said it's USPS. I doubt that. Do a ship and click. That works.

Posted at 12:54pm Aug 3, 2009 EDT

Just went to transfer some money and it does the same thing...glad it's not just me! :-/

Posted at 1:34pm Aug 3, 2009 EDT

jcollander says

Well, if it makes everyone feel a little bit better, I bought something with paypal this morning and that part work ed fine. Sorry about the troubles.

Posted at 1:35pm Aug 3, 2009 EDT

LoveLaurie says

I tried to transfer money and it did something wonky. Now when I try to log in it's giving me a server error message and telling me to contact Does that sound familiar to anyone else?

Posted at 1:36pm Aug 3, 2009 EDT

Boo!! I'm having the same problem. Every time I try to log in I get the 500 Internal Service Error.

Posted at 1:36pm Aug 3, 2009 EDT

LoveLaurie says

Ok then the problem must be with paypal and not us.

Posted at 1:37pm Aug 3, 2009 EDT