Portable dressing room -craft shows

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Original Post

I am wondering how people go about selling actual clothing at craft shows. How do people try your items on? Or do you just not bring you larger pieces to shows? I am thinking about getting a portable dressing room I found on ebay... really small but will get the job done. But im not sure how people would feel about this. * it looks like one of those pop up laundry hampers lol but just a big version.

Posted at 12:02am Aug 6, 2009 EDT


heeelllloooo ?

Posted at 12:04am Aug 6, 2009 EDT

I have wondered about this too. When I did a fair last year, I saw most people just holding clothes up against themselves. Before I went to mine, I marked the measurements for all my pieces on attached tags, then I had a tape measure at my table. My fair came the weekend after the President made his "The Economy Sucks" speech, though, so don't know if this might have helped because I didn't make any sales.

Posted at 12:07am Aug 6, 2009 EDT

awwwww :-/ its so quiet around here 2night

Posted at 12:07am Aug 6, 2009 EDT

lol NeedfulThingsofSalem yea I think that is reflected in everyones sales right now. But I think I am just going to go ahead and invest it it.... well I might :-/ because when people are done changing I can just fold it back down and put it in a corner. I dont wanna miss a sale because someone couldnt be sure if the item fir or not.

Posted at 12:10am Aug 6, 2009 EDT

maybe I will try to revive this sometime tomorrow when more people are around... because I really want to hear what people thing about this. Oh and here is the dressing area cgi.ebay.com/PORTABLE-POP-UP-ROOM-CHANGING-DRESSING-FITTING-ROOMS-B...

Posted at 12:12am Aug 6, 2009 EDT

WildChild, I think that is a great idea! It is hard for me to buy clothing without trying it on to see the fit. I know that I have often seen clothing that I absolutely adored at a craft fair, but sadly, ended up not purchasing because there was no place to try it on.

lol, yes, it does resemble a gigantic pop-up hamper, but I think it will definitely do the trick! And your customers will adore the fact that they have a private place for them to try on things.

Posted at 12:22am Aug 6, 2009 EDT

oh, and one more thought...don't forget the all-important mirror :)

Posted at 12:23am Aug 6, 2009 EDT

It's definitely an interesting concept. In all my years of doing shows I don't think I've ever seen anything similar. There have been many times I haven't purchased clothing at a show for lack of being able to try on.

My concerns with this piece would be if they can see while inside (black? any place for light to come in?) and stability (wonder if it would be easy to knock over while inside?).

Posted at 12:27am Aug 6, 2009 EDT

Thanks for the feedback! And I'm right in line with you for the mirror! Here are the things I bought for my booth so far:




And last but not least this mirror that I adore! Hoe it arrives in one piece!

Posted at 12:28am Aug 6, 2009 EDT