What are the best jewelry pliers in your opinion

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mistyridge says

Hi all,
I am in desperate need of new jewelry tools. My start up/beginners pliers are wrecked. They weren't terribly expensive and I have been using them for about 2 years now so I really can't complain.

Anyway I have been looking for some new ones and I kinda like the Lindstroms but man they are quite expensive. I am looking at this as an investment though so I'm willing to spend some money. I would really like to hear some suggestions from other jewelers out there.

What do you think is the best brand for the money investment? I do a lot of wire work so I would really like your opinions on which brand is best for not marring your wire. Also if anyone has any suggestions on suppliers that would be great. Thanks in advance. I can't wait to hear all of your suggestions. Have a great day.


Posted at 2:47pm Aug 6, 2009 EDT


I spent about $40 for a set of 5 pliers 2 years ago at the Beadalon Booth. Granted, after 2 years, the cutters need to be replaced, but you can see what I create with the set I've got. I use the flat nose, the needle nose (a lot) the blunt cutters, and the blunt (no teeth) needle nose. I don't use the blunt (no teeth) needle nose with the bent end, unless I'm doing head pins. You don't need to spend a mint to make some beautiful work.

Why do people like and use lindstrom anyway?

Posted at 2:58pm Aug 6, 2009 EDT

I'm a diehard Lindstrom fan. I've used others and am so incredibly glad I took the plunge and bought Lindstrom back in 2005. Earlier this year, my flat nose pliers snapped in half; the metal just broke. I contacted Lindstrom and sent them the broken pliers and within a few weeks I had a brand spanking new pair. Their customer service is fantastic and they stand behind their products.

When you spend 6-8 hours a day making chainmaille, it helps to have a truly comfortable set of pliers:-)

Posted at 3:04pm Aug 6, 2009 EDT

Pliers can be such a personal tool that it's really hard to make a decision on what works for you without actually being able to try them out in the manner that you will be using them. If you have a bead store nearby you might want to go see what they have on hand that they use for classes/demos and ask to give them a test run.

Personally I am more than happy with my array of Craftsman pliers that I have acquired over the years. They fit my hands and work well for me. And Craftsmans have a lifelong guarantee--if they break you get a replacement pair.

Others will lambast me for my choice (as has happened before on various forums) and swear that the ONLY choice is Lindstroms. It's all about personal preference...

Posted at 3:05pm Aug 6, 2009 EDT

I bought some Lindstrom Rx when when I was doing a lot of chain maille. Those pliers made a world of difference - they fit my hands, and I could work for hours without fatigue. I also have a complete set of Swanstrom pliers & cutters - love the cutters but the pliers are actually too large for my hands. However, they are precise and well made.

I think the most important factor is buying pliers is to have them fit your hands, next you want a quality tool - tips should meet and match up perfectly, box joints instead of lap joints - I really believe you get what you pay for and I'd rather buy something once than replacing every few years.

I have heard all good about Wubbers brand, Lindstrom & Lindstrom Rx and if I had to do it again, I would look at house brands like Rio's brand of pliers.

Look at urbanmaille.com & conniefox.com for lindstrom Rx

Posted at 3:10pm Aug 6, 2009 EDT

Comfort in your hands is far more important than price or longevity.

Craftsman cutters for wire are good because they will replace them forever.

I have a cheap pair of bent nost that I bought at Harbor Freight that have lasted me over 8 years in my Bead store and they cost $1.60 each. But for fine detail work the Lindstroms are great.

Just be comfortable with your pliers

Posted at 3:12pm Aug 6, 2009 EDT

I love my Lindstroms. I was having hand pain from bad pliers a few years ago. I ordered a set of Lindstroms and my hands haven't bothered me since. I'm a huge fan, I think they're well worth the price.

That being said, I agree that pliers are a very personal choice. Maybe you can find a bead shop or a show to try out a few different pairs. I was thinking about buying the Lindstroms when I saw them at a bead show and was able to try them out. I went home and ordered them straightaway.

Posted at 3:13pm Aug 6, 2009 EDT

I like the Beadsmith ones with padded handles.

Posted at 3:18pm Aug 6, 2009 EDT


Posted at 3:37pm Aug 6, 2009 EDT

I have 3 different brands of pairs of bent nose pliers, which I use for nearly everything that I don't use my round nose for. I like bent nose because they stay out of my way.

I'm the totally odd man out on the Lindstroms, I guess, I don't care for how far they hold my hand from my work; I don't feel like I have as much control so I end up giving my wire the old "death grip". I have a pair but rarely use them, I like my old BeadSmith bent nose, that I filed to a fare-thee-well-teensy-tinsy tip for really fine work and I'm dreading the day when they finally fall all the way apart. I like my much newer Beadalon pliers because they don't slip when I'm working with heavier gauges. And I don't like straight nose at all, for anything :~)

Yes, pliers are super personal.

Posted at 4:07pm Aug 6, 2009 EDT