how much would you pay to reupholster a wingback chair????

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Original Post

Is $300 crazy expensive? Seems like a TON of money to me. But I want to get a chair I have and love reupholstered and I want the job to be done well.

What is reasonable? Also the seat cushion is in rough shape....will they make a new one or do you think that will cost extra?

Posted at 9:58am Aug 11, 2009 EDT


stamp says

That sounds reasonable to me.

Posted at 9:59am Aug 11, 2009 EDT

kamace says

Seems reasonable to me. You have to factor in the grade of the fabric itself, and of course, the labor. The labor part can be a big piece of the quote alone. Do you have a bid? Did they break down the bid into materials, labor, etc.?

I would imagine rebuilding or repairing the seat cushion would be extra. I have had to get my cushions refilled with down, and that is certainly its own charge.

I have upholstered some of my chairs, it is really easier than you think. You can find great tutorials online, if you think you could do it yourself, or with a SO, friend, etc. Then, you can make the investment in a really high grade fabric. The seat cushion part may be another could always get foam cut (depending upon what the seat cushion is made of, of course!).

Good luck, I would love to do my furniture again soon!

Posted at 10:03am Aug 11, 2009 EDT

no, that sounds about right.
*i'd tell them you'll go with it IF they toss in a new cushion*

Posted at 10:04am Aug 11, 2009 EDT

I am actually providing my own fabric...that is not included. My mom and I both sew, and she has reupholstered an old dining room set (just the seats of the chairs). So now I am wondering if we could do it ourselves.

Posted at 10:05am Aug 11, 2009 EDT

kamace says

If you can sew, you can totally do it yourself. I did mine without a single stich...I have dining room chairs that I did, just the seats, like your mom did.

Posted at 10:08am Aug 11, 2009 EDT


My father found two chairs in the garbage, from the turn of the century. He was able to find the company that made them still in business. They were worth a couple thousand apiece, and they were in excellent condition- only the seats had a little wear in the velvet. It would have been expensive to reupholster them, but for what it would have been worth, it would have been worth it.

So what's it worth to YOU? How long do you intend to have the chair?

Posted at 10:10am Aug 11, 2009 EDT

hey, if you can sew, you absolutely could do this.
i've done some reupholstery too, (no wingbacks) but, gosh... give it a try and then if it does not work, then you can have it done by the pro.

I have a cool old rocking chair i picked up at a second-hand store that i want to tackle (beautiful wood carving on arms & top) but my sewing skills are poor at best... so, it will be a bit of a challenge due to the curves & back piece.
so, you're already way ahead of the game!

Posted at 10:12am Aug 11, 2009 EDT

rubycquins says

You could take it on a uphostery class with you if you have the time. I saw aome courses where you take your chair along with you and learn how to do it yourself.

Posted at 10:18am Aug 11, 2009 EDT

I do a lot of upholstery work. $300 is not unreasonable. As far as the cushion goes, it would depend on the type of cushion and if it needs to be completely replaced or just revamped.

Posted at 10:26am Aug 11, 2009 EDT