What's the BEST way to ship soap?

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Original Post

Just today, I bought all the supplies and materials to start making soap. (This is a brand new hobby that I'm exploring and if anyone has any advice, that would be GREAT!) Anyway, I plan to start making it and having it ready in time for Holiday Shoppers, but I'm curious what is the best way to ship it? Shipping, packaging, etc. ???

Posted at 6:05pm Aug 12, 2009 EDT


GoTo says

I don't know about soap particularly, but all my shipping tips are here:

~~Shipping Basics~~

Page 1-----General Shipping info--domestic & international, printing International First Class Labels
Page 2-----Figuring out your secondary shipping
Page 3-----How Etsy's "Secondary Shipping" works
Page 7-----USPS Index of Countries with links to import restrictions
Page 9-----Name your shipping profiles by weight
Page 9-----USPS.com Shipping Zone Tool-for finding the farthest shipping zone
Page 13---Customs form--It needs one if...
Page 23---Paypal didn't have the right shipping rate
Page 25---Insurance for First Class International Mail
Page 29---Customs form--which one on which package?
Page 36---When are flat rate Priority Mail boxes are really a better deal?


Just so you know, you can't ask for more money after a sale to cover shipping regardless of the text in item listings. You must ship it for the rate the buyer pays during checkout.

Posted at 7:12pm Aug 12, 2009 EDT

Thanks, but I was asking more how I should wrap soap to make sure it gets to it's destination unharmed....

Posted at 12:35am Aug 13, 2009 EDT

GardenGwyn says

Wrapping soap in anything would work. Tissue paper, shrink wrap. Generally it shouldn't get dinged up at all by shipping. Especially in a box!

I have recently started making soap, and I am going to wrap them in vintage music sheets tied off with twine. Paper is generally a nice way to wrap cause it's fairly thick compared to tissue!

Get creative for your wrapping. Or if you're just concerned with them moving around... bubble wrap is the lightest way to go! I get my bubble wrap from the dollar store. I don't use much for any of my items. So it's fairly economical for me that way. But if you use a lot, probably better to buy bulk.

Hope some of that helps! Good luck!

I LOVE soap! :oP

Posted at 12:42am Aug 13, 2009 EDT

FiniRibbon says

I just bought soap and it came to me wrapped in a wax paper label and sealed in celophane packages. The three bars were in a VHS tape box from USPS with a couple of peanuts to prevent them from moving around. It was shipped from Georgia to me in California and was in perfect condition when it arrived.

Posted at 12:47am Aug 13, 2009 EDT

PERFECT!!! Thanks so much Fini & Gwyn! Gwyn, I LOVE your idea about the music sheets. I may try a few different ideas, just shipping to my friends and family --- see which is the best way. But you two have definitely given me some things to think about! Thanks!

Posted at 12:57am Aug 13, 2009 EDT

I shrink wrap and bubble wrap them in 3/4" bubble wrap.
I don't like my soaps to come to their destination in anything less than perfect.

ESPECIALLY around the holidays, post office workers play football with packages. They are NOT careful by any means. So wrap them good.

Posted at 1:03am Aug 13, 2009 EDT

Thanks Dirty, good advice to know!! :)

Posted at 1:15am Aug 13, 2009 EDT

The best way to ship soap is package it up and shipped it right over to my house. :o)

Posted at 1:29am Aug 13, 2009 EDT

I use little cello bags, an tie them closed with ribbobn. But do NOT leave them in a hot car for 8 hours before sending, that is not a good idea. :(

Posted at 1:31am Aug 13, 2009 EDT