What's the best way to ship small jewelry?

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Original Post

Mahlahs says

For those of you who are selling jewelery, how are you shipping your earrings and necklaces? I have checked some packaging sites and what they are charging to ship to me is half the cost of my order. I'm thinking maybe I am ordering the wrong type of boxes.

Posted at 12:45pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT


Boxes? I use padded envelopes...lightweight and usually less than $2.00

Posted at 12:47pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT

a small, padded envelope (that can be bought in a pack at Wal-mart) is a pretty cheap and easy way.

Posted at 12:47pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT

i sell scrabble tile necklaces.

i ship my necklaces in a sturdy jewelry box, in a bubble mailer. i know lots of jewelry sellers ship that way.

it depends on the cost of your items as well, as to whether you want to add things like insurance and all.

Posted at 12:48pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT

vintaj says

We use a very small fold out box and a padded envelope. Works great for us!

Posted at 12:49pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT

MsRose says

I use bubble mailers for small orders also.

Posted at 12:49pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT

I small jewelry gift box and a small padded envelope, doesn't weight or cost much and it protects the jewelry too!

Posted at 12:49pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT

For earrings, I wrap them in bubble wrap and put them in a handmade pillow box (you can find templates on-line) and put that in a bubble envelope. I usually add 1 packing peanut to each end of the pillow box so that it can't be squished down onto the earrings.

For necklaces, some are packaged the same way, some go into hard jewelry boxes and then into an envelope and some I send in small mailing boxes. It depends on the type of necklace. Earrings weigh around 2 oz to send ($1.58 with d/c to ship via Paypal 1st class) and necklaces come in around 4 oz.

If you want actual small shipping boxes, Uline has the best prices but always click on their 'get a shipping quote' link before your order so you can figure that into the price of the boxes.

Posted at 12:51pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT

I use cotton-filled boxes, then into a 00 bubble mailer. Usually about $2 and change usps first class.

Posted at 12:52pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT

Cotton filled boxes put inside a padded envelope. It offers more protection.

Posted at 12:54pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT

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