Selling Your Work Wholesale: Tips, Resources, and Links

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Original Post

SuaVoce says

Are you ready to start selling wholesale? We are, so we did some research and we’d like to share! Here are some great blogs, forum posts, and articles that provide valuable information about selling wholesale.

If you’re shy and don’t think you’re up to visiting stores, check out this forum post:

This great two part blog post provides information about pricing, quantity, and communicating with retailers:
Part I:
Part II:

A thorough article about beginning to sell your artisan work wholesale. Includes a number of helpful links:

Tips on pricing wholesale:

Specific tips on creating a linesheet:

To see our "wholesale checklist" and some more wholesale-selling tips, check out our newest blog post:

Posted at 6:05pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT


Great to have all those links in one place. Thanks so much for sharing your research! And good luck with your wholesaling!

Posted at 6:37pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT

marking...thinking about taking the plunge! ;-)

Posted at 6:39pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT

You must have read my mind. I was just approached by a shop so now need to come up with wholesale pricing. So off to read your links. Thanks!

Posted at 6:51pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT

TheTinyFig says


Posted at 6:53pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT

SuaVoce says

Great! Thanks for taking a look

Posted at 7:10pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT

PurrPrints says

Thanks for posting this--I've done a little wholesaling, but it's always good to have more ideas :)

Posted at 7:14pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT

Marking. Thanks for compiling the information!

Posted at 7:18pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT

pinksnail says

Definitely marking! Thank you so much.

Posted at 10:46pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT

I have also done some wholesaling and did it without much info. All I knew then was the 50% off retail portion. I can't wait to be better prepared by reading all of these links. Thanks a bunch!

Posted at 10:54pm Aug 13, 2009 EDT