Well, here it is! August 14.

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Original Post

I feel a lot like Cinderella this morning. The mice have put the coach away. The music is just faintly playing in my mind. I am standing in my ballgown. Happier times are history.

I still haven't figured out how to include a label onto my booties. So I won't make any more. The baby yarn is sitting in a little pile, a remembrance of exciting times thinking about a baby wearing them. And the story of why I made them fading away.

Won't make any more tooth fairy pillows. No more joy just thinking about a visit from the Fairy. I had a convo yesterday from one of my customers who had purchased a boy ragdoll from me awhile ago, telling me how much her son loves the "little boy", still. All of my ragdolls had little dresses, or shirts and pants, underwear, yarn hair, big happy smiles (I called them my Happy Kids). They had hand embroidery on their felt shoes. Their clothes had crochet items on them. The dresses and shirts had snaps so kids could learn to use their little fingers.

So today is Reality Day. A new day. Still have my shop - for adults. Still have my talents and abilities. Still have my dreams. And I think of so many of you sellers of kids' items who, like me, can't afford the testing and have either closed shop or pulled your kids' items.

A lesson for all you young mothers out there. Get involved in your kids' lives. Know who you voted into office to run the government they live under. Know the contents of what you purchase for them. Be able to make their little world full of joy and magic and fun. And think about how one law, rushed through Congress - with good intentions, is having an impact on your child's life.

Posted at 10:45am Aug 14, 2009 EDT


Very well-crafted posting, bobbin.

Posted at 10:51am Aug 14, 2009 EDT

Hi Bobbin!!! Don't be so sad on this beautiful day, I know how you feel because our other shop mickandmack.etsy.com is ENTIRELY kids items. CPSIA has presented some, um, should I call them challenges? Huge roadblocks? The good news for us has been that they've exempted lots of fibers and fabric from testing so you might be OK! You may still have to cover the labeling issue but that's definitely figure out-able! I think we Etsy folks need to stick together to figure out how labeling should happen. I'm happy to give ideas on labeling small things because I have been thinking about it A LOT!. Your stuff is so cute, it would be such a shame not to make it anymore :(

Posted at 10:53am Aug 14, 2009 EDT

I'm still going to make the same items. I will just include a label on everything.

Posted at 10:53am Aug 14, 2009 EDT

I am sorry you are so down today Bobbin. Have you read the information on the CPSIA web sight(I'm sure you have)? I find the FAQ section to be most helpful. Labeling is not required for socks so your booties should be okay. Do some more research, I am sure there is a way. Don't give up.

Posted at 11:03am Aug 14, 2009 EDT

Bobbin, just put the info on a card, and attach it with a ribbon to your botties when you send them out.

Posted at 11:07am Aug 14, 2009 EDT

azek2000 says

I agree with annamackhardison. It is going to be tough- but I am going to try my best to keep childrens items in my shop. My problem is with suppliers of my buttons taking their sweet time letting me know if the buttons passed the lead test!!! Most my childrens items are made with yarn (crocheted). I use button closures, but from now on will either use wood buttons, or just crochet a button.

Posted at 11:10am Aug 14, 2009 EDT

can any one please convo me and tell me when we are suppose to stop selling kids stuff that isn't taged? all this stuff is so confussing? thanks

Posted at 11:18am Aug 14, 2009 EDT

One wonders how anyone grew up to be an adult with out all these stiffling oppressive regulations. Is it still legal to give away what you make if you decide not to sell it because its just not cost effective? Forgive me for feeling bobbinalongs pain maybe a little too much. I crochet things and was thinking of putting some up on one of my store fronts in in etsy. Bobbinalong your little dolls sound so wonderful. =0)

Im an artist and kids sometimes collect my ACEOs. I dont actually market to children, I market to collectors. Im glad you guys are discussing this. Im off to investigate it more.

Posted at 12:04pm Aug 14, 2009 EDT

So very well written bobbinalong! It's pretty depressing to think our elected officials passed this law that implies we are villains for making cherished treasures for kids. But like the others have said, since fabric and some other supplies are exempt from testing, I'm attaching tags in the items where they'll fit, and will attaching tags to the packaging if they don't fit the item.

Posted at 12:11pm Aug 14, 2009 EDT