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Original Post

Would anyone be interested in being part of my mega giveaway on my blog? I have already gotten 30 etsy shops who are willing to be part of my September MEGA GIVEAWAY. I am however, starting to take people for October. If you are interested but couldnt get a spot for Sept, make sure you sign up for Oct. I will need a total of 30 shops. Each shop gives away something-either a coupon, gift certificate, something from their shops or something they have laying around-anything really. I think this can be a chance for either experienced shops or newbies to get some traffic & exposure to their shops. Please let me know by commenting here on this thread.

*Giveaway will start Oct 1 & end Oct 31
*Opened Worldwide
*All I need is your shop name, link & what you will be giving as a prize
*If you will be willing to mail the prize out directly or If you want me to send the prize. (Many sellers prefer to send the prize directly because its personal or because the winner would have a chance to pick the size, shape ect for their prize, however I know some people wont ship internationally. I would rather not end up with 30 shops that I need to mail out prize for them, as it could get pricey for me. If you can mail the prize to winner, its more likely youll end up on the list)
*All shops will be considered...Im not one of those picky choosy people! Id like to give EVERYONE an Opportuntity :0)


P.S. Currently have my own giveaway on the stop by, scroll down below pics of canada trip and sign up :0)

Posted at 9:05am Aug 15, 2009 EDT


I will do it. I can give away a $15 gift certificate to my store.

Posted at 9:29am Aug 15, 2009 EDT

Jess, great, will you be able to mail prize directly?

Posted at 9:37am Aug 15, 2009 EDT

so far I have 3 shops :0)

Posted at 10:12am Aug 15, 2009 EDT


Yep, I am still in! How about a $20 gift certificate to my shop? Does that sound alright?? Anything to help out!

Posted at 10:19am Aug 15, 2009 EDT

yes i can mail them

Posted at 10:19am Aug 15, 2009 EDT

katker says

Hi Beadie :)

Count me in for October. I'll do a $20.00 certificate for my shop, and I'll mail out the prize myself.

Posted at 10:32am Aug 15, 2009 EDT

Hi! I'll mail out the prize myself and will offer a coffee cozy - winner's choice. I convo'd you :)

Posted at 10:42am Aug 15, 2009 EDT

ErikaPrice says

Count me in, Solange!


Posted at 12:05pm Aug 15, 2009 EDT

I would be willing to offer the choice of a pair of earrings $ 18 or less or a "virtual gift certificate" for international customers. I would not mail anything out to them but offer a discount before purchase to any item in my shop. This way it works for the men who arent interested in earrings and we dont incur expensive shipping costs.
Many of my last purchases have been to the UK and Tokyo so I dont want to exclude them.
I would also prefer to mail the item myself, as I also include business cards.
I am still interested, and will also post this message to the forum if you like.


Posted at 1:37pm Aug 15, 2009 EDT