Paypal shipping labels not working

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Original Post

azek2000 says

This is the 4th time I have tried in the last two weeks to print a shipping label through paypal. It tells me its not working and couldn't generate my label. What is going on? Is this happening to anyone else?

Posted at 9:28 am Aug 24, 2009 EDT


beetnik505 says

I printed labels this morning without any issues. You might want to contact PayPal or try clearing your cache and rebooting your computer, or both.

Posted at 9:31 am Aug 24, 2009 EDT

I printed a label without a hitch too. You might want to contact Paypal customer service as it sounds as though yours could be an isolated problem.

Posted at 9:40 am Aug 24, 2009 EDT

I just printed several labels without problems

Posted at 9:44 am Aug 24, 2009 EDT

azek2000 says

On hold with paypal. Trying to help me for over 10 minutes and they can't figure out whats going on.

Posted at 9:52 am Aug 24, 2009 EDT

You can use this link to print labels on PayPal (back door)
when you can not complete it normally.

Posted at 9:57 am Aug 24, 2009 EDT

that happens to me sometimes when the buyer is unverified, the address is unconfirmed, or some other little hitch that makes a computer lose its mind... for me usually I can print 20 labels and then it gets hung up on one buyer.But I can go to the next customer in line and it prints fine! When it does happen, the message always says"Paypal shipping is not available-please try again later".
It's just silly.

Posted at 10:00 am Aug 24, 2009 EDT

I just printed 2 with no problem.

Posted at 10:01 am Aug 24, 2009 EDT

I've not had a problem either. I printed a couple over the weekend and one just this morning. Try contacting PayPal to find out what the issue is.

Posted at 10:10 am Aug 24, 2009 EDT

azek2000 says

UUGGG they hung up on me!! On hold with them for 2nd time and they hung up on me.

bluefingerstudio- that is what happens to me! I get sorry paypal shipping is unavailable.

Posted at 10:13 am Aug 24, 2009 EDT

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