Food grade/safe plastic or fabric, any suggestions?

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Original Post

annamadeit says

I would love to make some sandwich wraps, produce bags, snack bags, etc. But I have no idea what fabrics to looks for. I googled and didn't find what I'm looking for. Anyone have any info, it would be much appreciated!

Posted at 8:52am Aug 25, 2009 EDT


StaziO says

how about upcycling the Sun Capri Juice Bags
they would be good to use for sandwich / treat bags
?with velcro?

Posted at 9:09am Aug 25, 2009 EDT

You could use PUL(polyurethane laminate) or oil cloth.

Posted at 10:05am Aug 25, 2009 EDT

PEVA, PUL is not food safe, nor is oil cloth.

Posted at 11:03am Aug 26, 2009 EDT

I use PEVA. I have also herd of people useing EVA and rip stop nylon.

Posted at 11:09am Aug 26, 2009 EDT

PUL and oil cloth are not food safe. A lot of folks suggest items...but most are not food safe. Now if you are not going to put food directly into the bag and just want to make it water proof...then yes anything will do...but I personally would want my lining to be food there is no leeching into my food.

Posted at 11:12am Aug 26, 2009 EDT

i did some research.. i think ripstop nylon is better than pul or oilcloth

Posted at 1:44pm Aug 26, 2009 EDT

annamadeit says

I was thinking ripstop would be good. Couldn't really find any info about it being food safe. Google and me ain't working out today!

Posted at 10:07pm Aug 26, 2009 EDT

Note what I found from a seller of oilcloth saying that it can not be used.
Taken From:
Can I sell stuff that I make out of oilcloth?

There is no lead in the oilcloth, but the levels of Phthalates are too high to comply with the new standards for items which are going to be sold and are intended to be used by children under 12 years old. So you can still make and sell bags and other things created with oilcloth but items like bibs and splat-mats cannot be sold.

Another site said this:
SnackTAXIs are lined with a waterproof material that consists of nylon with a polyurethane coating. After talking to many manufacturers of this product, we understand that this type of coated nylon is free of heavy metals and phthalates. We have found a supplier of this coated nylon who has had their product extensively tested. The tests revealed that the nylon is free of heavy metals (including lead), phthalates, PBBs, and PBDEs. We will be ordering all of our nylon from this supplier going forward.

I think I will be using Rip Stop only for the waterproofing and add a note for buyer to decide how best to pack their food items in the bag :)

Posted at 8:54pm Sep 8, 2009 EDT

I have done alot of research on this. PUL manufacturers say it is NOT food safe. Oil cloth is not good. But polyurethane coated nylon pack cloth has a long established roll in food safe bags for the outdoor sports folks. It is also the material being used by the major manufacturers of reusable sandwich bags. It is important to note that the coated side of the nylon is faced away from the food. So if you are going to make these, fact the shiny coated side to the wrong side of your outer fabric. This also helps to guard against outside moisture from getting into the food. I have more of this on my blog:

Posted at 11:04am Sep 14, 2009 EDT