Replies to Potential Buyer's Not Happy Comments. I'll suggest answers :)

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Original Post

Don't ask real buyer questions/comments - - keep it general

We all get some emails/convos that make us grit our teeth - - but we can answer politely and defuse the situation if we have some Fall Back answers already in place.

So toss me some thorny issues your shop may deal with in the future and I'll toss you a NICE way to get you out of hot water but not break the bank (if I can) while still being fair to the buyer.

Disclaimer: If I ever write a book on Customer Relations (haha), your Q might be included w/o notice or recompense. I think I did the legalese okay there...

Hit me with your best shot.

Go on :)

Posted at 11:36pm Aug 26, 2009 EDT


Okay..try this one. "how do I know your shoes won't fall apart"..quality issue. You always give great answers in the forums. Thanks

Posted at 8:22am Aug 27, 2009 EDT

"Dear Buyer,

I don't like buying items and having them fall apart quickly either! Because quality can be an issue in footwear, I test my shoes as vigorously as I can to make sure they withstand normal (and even some not-so-normal) wear. It doesn't serve my business name well to use substandard materials, so I have a very vested interest in making sure everything I offer is top grade quality that is built to last.

When you buy my shoes, if you ever have an issue with them, PLEASE bring it to my attention! I am confident that you will find your child will well outgrow these shoes before there are any issues with quality. And, as my store policies state, they are also exchangeable and refundable because I only want to offer the best quality of items out there. Happy repeat buyers are my main goal :)

Thank you for your interest in my shoes. If you have any other questions, I would be happy to answer them.


PS: Would you like to be added to my mailing list where I offer special list-only discounts and promotions a few times a year? Please let me know. Thanks again! "


How's that? Also, in your shop policies you state you stand behind your clothing - - maybe if you add the words "and shoes" in there, this question might come up less frequently. Darn cute shoes you have, and they look pretty decently made to me....

Posted at 10:14am Aug 27, 2009 EDT

LaurieRyan says

awesome answer lucinda

Posted at 10:16am Aug 27, 2009 EDT


Buyer: "Hi, are you so and so that sells in such and such place? I bought XX number of items from you and two have fallen apart. I'd really like to purchase another like this, but I think I can make it myself. Can I buy the materials somewhere like Michaels? How do I make it? If I decide to not try to make it, do I have to pay for shipping?"

Posted at 10:18am Aug 27, 2009 EDT

ditto - you rock

Posted at 10:18am Aug 27, 2009 EDT

ButtonsMcD says

BUYER: i know you've already been convoing with me for a week, and you've already made this custom item that cost me not much more than $5 but, now that it's finished and ready to mail, could you start over again and change a few things on it?

Posted at 10:21am Aug 27, 2009 EDT

Oops...mine wasn't unhappy, just very...odd. lol

Posted at 10:22am Aug 27, 2009 EDT

ButtonsMcD says

btw, DBL - this topic is SO well timed today! I was just gonna put a call in to a mentor. Coaster is right, you ROCK!

Posted at 10:24am Aug 27, 2009 EDT

ButtonsMcD says

wah, it's from yesterday.
Lucinda are you here?

Posted at 10:33am Aug 27, 2009 EDT