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Original Post

Aloquin says

Sometimes those are sad words. Especially when you've posted the one item you think is the best ever! LOL... I like that it says "yet", as in, someone soon WILL call your item a favorite. But it's sad to check the hearts and see your little item all alone, floating out there without hearts... I don't know if there is a way to make it somehow less lonely? Not a major thing, just a small one. Am I alone?

Posted at 1:53pm Aug 27, 2009 EDT


Hi, I've had several heartless items sell. It's sales that count not hearts.

Posted at 2:03pm Aug 27, 2009 EDT

Aloquin says

So what is exactly the purpose of hearts, then?

Posted at 2:06pm Aug 27, 2009 EDT

Paperika says

I don't let lack of hearts bother me. Sure, I am flattered that someone likes something of mine. But, I realize there are different reasons for why people heart things. It's really no big deal for me. I care whether they love enough to buy it more! ;)

Posted at 2:08pm Aug 27, 2009 EDT

Hearts help when you build your treasury

Posted at 2:09pm Aug 27, 2009 EDT

I think the hearts are there to give you a boost of doing a good job!!

Posted at 2:09pm Aug 27, 2009 EDT

well, it would be less lonely, if you didnt check the hearts

Posted at 2:14pm Aug 27, 2009 EDT

Aloquin says

Ouch! LOL, good point, I guess. :)

Posted at 2:18pm Aug 27, 2009 EDT

If a little blunt. ;-)

Posted at 2:25pm Aug 27, 2009 EDT

'So what is exactly the purpose of hearts, then? '

I think they are different things for different people. I heart things that I think family members might like for gifts and things that I'd like for gifts from family members. Doesn't mean I'll buy them, but I might.

Posted at 2:31pm Aug 27, 2009 EDT