Things associated with Christmas and Winter.....

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Original Post

Snowball Fights

Ahhhhhhh...........I'm so ready for Winter. I love it!!! This summer heat is wearing me down :)

Posted at 5:19 pm Aug 28, 2009 EDT


I meant to put this :(

Posted at 5:19 pm Aug 28, 2009 EDT

I love winter in Hawaii too!


Posted at 5:22 pm Aug 28, 2009 EDT

I bet it's beautiful in Hawaii during Winter :)

Posted at 5:27 pm Aug 28, 2009 EDT

Christmas trees
Oranges and Nuts
Lumps of Coal

Posted at 5:30 pm Aug 28, 2009 EDT

I cannot wait until the holidays!!!!

Posted at 5:32 pm Aug 28, 2009 EDT

what summer heat???(I'm in Scotland, UK)

Winter.....ahhh I LOVE it!
Winter walks

Posted at 5:35 pm Aug 28, 2009 EDT

wool jackets and cute scarves

Posted at 5:35 pm Aug 28, 2009 EDT

eavesdrop says

LaurasJewellery says:
Lumps of Coal


Tsk, tsk. You must be naughty... ; )

I also love the time of year from Halloween to New Years the most. I love the feel of crisp breeze, the smell of Winter approaching, the sound of crackling leaves beneath my feet, the smell of hot apple cider cooking on my stove, the taste of hot cocoa loaded with lots of mini marshmellows and lets not forget all the left-over candy from Halloween! Yippee!!!

Posted at 5:39 pm Aug 28, 2009 EDT

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