Looking for a seller to feature on my blog!

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Original Post

missyoshi says

Hello everyone!

I started a blog about a week ago, and I'm already itching to feature someone on it! So this is an open call to ANYONE selling ANYTHING who would like to be featured on my blog on Sunday! Simply post in this thread, and on Sunday morning I will contact one of you with questions and get the post up Sunday night!

What you need to tell me here:
-A brief description of what you sell
-if you want any particular service or item focused on
-if you would be willing to participate in a giveaway (don't worry, this isn't a requirement and won't affect your chances if you don't want to do one!)

I'm particularly interested in new sellers, because being new myself I would love to help someone out who is in the same position as me.

You can read my blog here to get a small sense of my style, follow to find out who gets featured!


Posted at 1:45pm Aug 29, 2009 EDT


I would love to be considered


Posted at 1:46pm Aug 29, 2009 EDT

mykonos says

I am interested
my shop - www.mykonos.etsy.com

Posted at 1:47pm Aug 29, 2009 EDT

I would love to be considered I sell jewelry,hair accessories,candle holders & More.

Nope just feature the item you like the best from my store.
No thank you I already have two going.

Posted at 1:48pm Aug 29, 2009 EDT

I do needle felted dogs. I'd love to be featured!

Posted at 1:49pm Aug 29, 2009 EDT

I sell altered journals featuring vintage pin ups such as Bettie Page. I am very new to Etsy. Tell me more about your shop/blog...

Posted at 1:50pm Aug 29, 2009 EDT

Hi! I'm interested too :D


Thank you for looking :D

Posted at 1:50pm Aug 29, 2009 EDT

studiomme says

You're more than welcome to check out my shop and see if anything fits your fancy.
I sell prints of my original pen and ink artwork as well as crazy notebooks.
Feature whatever you like.
No thank you, but please feel free to enter the one I'm having right now.

Posted at 1:51pm Aug 29, 2009 EDT

Very nice blog! I would love to be featured!

I have a blog as well- www.jessicadunnart.blogspot.com

I love your idea for featuring a seller!

Posted at 1:51pm Aug 29, 2009 EDT

FunkeyJunk says

Id love an opportunity at being on your blog :D

Posted at 1:51pm Aug 29, 2009 EDT