$100 Facebook ads coupon from Visa - I got mine Thursday, WooHoo!

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Original Post

I am just astounded at how fast my Facebook Fans are building. Just seems like yesterday I was fighting for that 100 mark so I could get my custom URL, now I'm over 250 and climbing.

FB Fan ads are part of the reason my Fans are growing but they can be expensive. However, as of Thursday, Aug 27, 2009, I got a $100 coupon for FB ads by joining Visa Business Network! Wow! Now I can set a $10 limit a day instead of my measly $1 a day for my ads.

I have no idea how long that deal will last. From articles I ran on to, it sounds like this coupon was happening last year for a while, then disappeared, then reappeared sometime this year. So get it while it's available!

I had some problems with getting the coupon... had to contact FB. But they got it all straightened out and I have my credit now.
There seems to be a lot of explanation as to how to go about getting the coupon. Some of it is quite old and doesn't apply anymore and even the newer is confusing. Obviously what I did, didn't work quite right, so I'm going to let you figure it all out on your own since I did such a crappy job of it and wouldn't be much help even if I told you how I did it. I probably invested a couple of hours getting it sorted out, but for $100 it was worth it!

Here's (maybe) a good place to start www.visabusinessnetwork.com/general/faq#facebookAdCredit
and/or here

Good luck if you try it. PLEASE report back here as to how it went.

-- Lori Lee

Posted at 5:52pm Aug 29, 2009 EDT


kotibeth says

I never got the last one so I'm all over this!

I signed up and can't for the life of me find the link to click to get the code sent to me.

Posted at 6:03pm Aug 29, 2009 EDT

kotibeth says

Figured it out! thanks so much!

Posted at 6:12pm Aug 29, 2009 EDT

Oh good! So glad you got it. $100 can get you a long ways with the ads. Use it to experiment with, try things you've never tried before. Who knows, you may hit on something that REALLY works. Then when you're back to using your own money, it will seem worth the expense.

Posted at 7:25pm Aug 29, 2009 EDT

i signed up for it a lil bit ago but never got it, so thanks for the reminder.

Posted at 7:37pm Aug 29, 2009 EDT

great tip! Thanks Starglow!
I just did a little ad campaign of facebook (3 days at a max of $3) and that was great exposure... wonder what $100 will do!

Posted at 7:38pm Aug 29, 2009 EDT

ditda says

Awesome Thanks for the tip

Posted at 8:23pm Aug 29, 2009 EDT

bathgasm says

Yay! Just signed up for this. Thanks so much for the tip!

Posted at 9:08pm Aug 29, 2009 EDT

kotibeth says

I've gotten fans from it already :) I changed my ad to highlight my supplies and chose women who listed scrapbooking or cardmaking and shopping. I may narrow the age range. I wanted to hit moms and grandmas since they will both spend money on scrapping for their kids :)

Posted at 12:07am Aug 30, 2009 EDT