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TEAMSC MEETING: September 14th (Monday) at 8:00 P.M. in the Virtual Labs www.etsy.com/virtual_labs.php

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Posted at 1:27am Sep 1, 2009 EDT


Nascarnana says

I am so glad it is September ,starting to get the hang of the empty nest and loving it!!

Posted at 2:08am Sep 1, 2009 EDT

WOO HOO it's a new month! I can't believe that August, while not a good month for me, did go fast. The kids are in school, dance has started and it's not too long before FALL gets here!

Posted at 10:13am Sep 1, 2009 EDT

MinnieMaes says

The details on the new September Creative Challenge are up on the team blog! Take a look and be sure to make an item to submit to this month's challenge!


Posted at 11:43am Sep 1, 2009 EDT

MinnieMaes says

I wanted to apologize for not getting a thread up on the voting for August's challenge. If I don't make myself notes, I forget. This time though, I made a note so I wouldn't forget!! Now, if I just don't forget where I put my notes :P

I also wanted to thank all of those that blogged about the creative challenge voting. That's the kind of team spirit that we need!

Posted at 12:04pm Sep 1, 2009 EDT

curlyfrysc says

21 days until Fall. I'm going to hibernate. See you everyone. haha

Posted at 1:06pm Sep 1, 2009 EDT

Can I still enter even though I won the last one? I enter them just to enter, not really to win :D

Posted at 1:35pm Sep 1, 2009 EDT

curlyfrysc says

Yes, please, enter! These challenges are to get members to show their talents and get them creating in this slump. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Posted at 2:02pm Sep 1, 2009 EDT

Happy Hump Day everyone!!!

Posted at 10:08am Sep 2, 2009 EDT

MinnieMaes says

I'm beginning to wonder if I fell asleep sometime last Sunday or something and just woke up because I can not believe it is Wednesday already! Not that it's a bad thing but it just feels like the days are going at light speed around here lately.

Is everybody else having gorgeous weather like we are in the upstate? It's cool (just cool enough) and a slight breeze is blowing. Oh, how I wish I had a good book to read right now under the trees.....

Posted at 2:55pm Sep 2, 2009 EDT