the Adia Foundation

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Original Post

huzzah! i've finally managed to understand the entire process of registering a charitable fun and am going to subit all the paperwork tomorrow. i'm filling it out now, and it's come to the place where i need to name the foundation.

the Adia foundation is nice, but not very telling. i thought of 'Gifts of God' but i don't really want it to seem to have any particular religious affiliation.

any creative ideas from Adia's etsy pals? not only will the foundation be there for Adia, but also for whatever outreach projects come later to help children like her. i'd love to hear your suggestions!!


Posted at 5:27pm Sep 1, 2009 EDT


ehehe - 'registering a charitable fun'. oh typos - nothing about 25 pages of paperwork could be construed as fun.. ;)

it's ging to be really wonderful in the end, though, because as a registered fund we can do actual press releases to major news sources here and abroad.

let's think of a catchy name so everyone will take notice!

Posted at 5:29pm Sep 1, 2009 EDT

mathaowny says

The Love of Children Foundation
Caring Life Foundation

I'm not good at ideas today, sorry :( I'm so happy you're getting this out there, good luck to both of you and you are both in my thoughts every day!

Posted at 5:34pm Sep 1, 2009 EDT

before you do that, you might want to research what is taken by going to, and all around google. ( is the bbb's charity side)

Posted at 5:35pm Sep 1, 2009 EDT

beatgirl77 says

adia childrens fund

Posted at 5:42pm Sep 1, 2009 EDT

I think it would be lovely to have Adia's name in there somewhere. If it weren't for her, so many of us wouldn't even be aware. I don't have any specific ideas, though. lol

Posted at 5:42pm Sep 1, 2009 EDT

I like that, beat :)

Posted at 5:42pm Sep 1, 2009 EDT

adia children's fund....i like that! too, anyone who speaks Arabic will read the translation of 'gift of God' in it, without that being too much of a focal point though.

let's use it, then! here i go to shuffle thru the forms and officially write it down :)

i'll update here again when i have news on the successful registration - should take about a week.


Posted at 5:47pm Sep 1, 2009 EDT

beatgirl77 says

cool, best of luck for a quick registration!

Posted at 5:49pm Sep 1, 2009 EDT

The Adia Awareness Foundation

Posted at 5:50pm Sep 1, 2009 EDT