FINALLY FRIDAY's 5 featured artists SEPTEMBER 4th

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Original Post

Its Finally Friday again!

Please check out this Friday's 5 featured artists. Let me know which item is your favourite. Plus you could be featured next week for Finally Friday!

Please hold on 2 seconds for the link! Thanks :)

Posted at 1:04pm Sep 4, 2009 EDT


Please go here to see the featured artists for Finally Friday!

Posted at 1:06pm Sep 4, 2009 EDT

Morning everyone! anybody up yet?

Posted at 1:36pm Sep 4, 2009 EDT

I commented on your blog :) great shops. Commented under C.Umana :)

Posted at 1:38pm Sep 4, 2009 EDT

Oh wow cumanaillustration
your work is amazing I love this one

Posted at 1:53pm Sep 4, 2009 EDT

Thanks sleepymoondesign! your earrings are gorgeous i will have my fiance check out your shop later she will love them!

Posted at 1:56pm Sep 4, 2009 EDT

I left a comment. You and I must have similiar tastes - some of your shops are already some of my favorites, too. I would be honored to be considered for your Friday Favorites. Thank you for this opportunity.

Posted at 3:31pm Sep 4, 2009 EDT

Nice Finally Friday finds! I left a comment for you about my favorite under "Krissy."

Posted at 3:33pm Sep 4, 2009 EDT

hmm weird I don't see both of your comments!! Maybe the computer is being slow or something... weird!

Posted at 4:07pm Sep 4, 2009 EDT