Would anyone be up for a Secret Santa this year?

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Original Post

So I enjoy trading, I like games, and I LOVE surprises!

If you would like to play secret santa this year, please post here that you would like to participate and then convo me your shipping address as well as 3 things you would NOT like (i.e. if you don't have kids-no kid stuff, if you are not religious-no religious Christmas stuff, etc) Please also include your gender (I don't think the guys want earrings nor do too many girls need cuff links!

If you sign up you are both agreeing to give your address to a fellow etsian who will send you a gift of AT LEAST $5.00 value (including shipping, as they would value it if it were listed in their store) and also you will GIVE the same value of item to someone else who has signed up. It's basically like trading, but not necessarily anything that is listed. Please make sure these are nice items-not just junk.

Sign ups will end November 1st and then packages will need to be shipped out by November 15th to ensure plenty of time with crazy holiday shipping. Please wrap the item nicely with no outside information-your business card, etc must be in the wrapping as well! And NO PEEKING UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! (I know, it will be hard!)

So a RECAP>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

*You post here that you want to play
*You convo me with: your address, gender, and up to 3 things you do not want
*Sign up by November 1
*After getting the information of the person you will gift to, ship the item, wrapped nicely (under the tree ready)and have shipped by November 15th.
*Wait until Christmas day to open the gift you receive!

Please realize that when you commit to this to take this seriously so everyone can enjoy something. Holidays tend to pick up with orders, so please plan ahead! If you have any questions please post here or convo me. If you don't have a shop but would like to participate, please convo me. Please check out my blog> I will be updating about this from time to time. jollyjennifersetsyblog.blogspot.com

and check out my charity shop: crafting4causes.etsy.com

Posted at 3:19am Sep 7, 2009 EDT



Posted at 3:19am Sep 7, 2009 EDT

Also please keep this in mind:

*Items like Christmas stationary and Christmas print scarves aren't that great since you don't use them after Christmas day.

*Gift certificates to your store are ok, but they must be easily redeemable without spending extra money (i.e. a certificate for $10.00 is no good if all of your items cost at least $15.00-you should not be forcing sales-it's a gift!)

*These gifts are intended for YOU or YOUR FAMILY (your household only)-not to be opened early and used as a gift for someone else. This is not Christmas shopping.

Posted at 11:24am Sep 7, 2009 EDT

BambisMinis avatar
BambisMinis says

I'd LOVE to do this, but am in the middle of a move out of the country and probably won't be settled anywhere bu that time.

Next year though!!!

Posted at 11:28am Sep 7, 2009 EDT

aww, well have a good safe move!

Posted at 11:30am Sep 7, 2009 EDT

What does anyone else think of this?

Posted at 2:32am Sep 8, 2009 EDT

I'll play! (but maybe it's just me and you! HA!)

Posted at 2:51am Sep 8, 2009 EDT

even if it is, I'm sure it will be fun :D Make sure to convo me your address and list ;) Thanks for joining the fun!

Posted at 2:54am Sep 8, 2009 EDT

This seems like a great idea!

Is it limited to people in the States?

If there's enough interest, I think it would be good to have people trading with those in the same country as them (or at least the same general area of the world), to cut down on the shipping costs involved.

If it's open to people from Canada, I think I'd like to sign up.

Posted at 2:56am Sep 8, 2009 EDT

I love this idea! I will be game but will have to come up with something other than kids cloths. Want it to be for the Etsier

Posted at 3:00am Sep 8, 2009 EDT