Need More Payment Options, Google Checkout, Amazon Payments

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Original Post

Why is Etsy lagging behind other sites in offering payment options?
Artfire has long ago added Google and now has just added Amazon payments.
Do you feel customers at Etsy, buyers and we sellers want other payment options?
How do some of you other buyers and sellers feel about this subject?

Posted at 8:31 pm Sep 8, 2009 EDT


I accept Google Checkout but the problem is....GC is not integrated on Etsy. You have to send the buyer a GC invoice then once you get your payment, you have to mark it as paid. It is a hassle and I've only had one buyer on Etsy who has paid me via GC. Honestly, I don't like Pay Pal. Not only is it owned by the 600 pound gorilla Feebay, it is really a monopoly at the moment and there needs to be more competition. I would prefer GC over Pay Pal but what can you do? If you want to sell here, you need to accept Pay Pal.

Posted at 9:39 pm Sep 8, 2009 EDT

benzie says

I haven't had any problems with paypal -it's been very friendly for me, and very few oppose using it; it's a known name. But I do agree with Nutmegn...

Posted at 9:55 pm Sep 8, 2009 EDT

impulseART says

I too think more options would be nice...

ArtFire has these options...

Posted at 10:32 pm Sep 8, 2009 EDT

echoart says

I'm fine with just paypal, personally. But I suppose there's no harm in offering other options as well.

Posted at 10:33 pm Sep 8, 2009 EDT

drumbeating gong banging bump
Seriously, just being able to include a GClogo.gif would go a LONG way for those of us who DO offer it along with PP

Posted at 12:27 pm Oct 30, 2009 EDT

cyndykitt says

What we really need is a "confirm payment received" button, then all the technical issues about using a payment system not integrated with Etsy would be solved. Many Australians (like myself) probably prefer "direct debit" payment from Aus buyers, but the only way to do that on Etsy is a multitude of convos.

Posted at 5:56 pm Oct 30, 2009 EDT

I have successfully used PayPal for years -- but I like Google and would like to offer Google Checkout, which I may add to my listings soon and just handle as another option.

Posted at 6:00 pm Oct 30, 2009 EDT

I agree with Cyndy! I'd say 50% of my buyers pay with direct debit, and yes, a lot of convoing has to occur to make that happen.

Posted at 6:00 pm Oct 30, 2009 EDT

GoTo says

The admin did a survey about payment option preferences a few months back, I'm assuming they are working on giving us integrated options.

Posted at 6:03 pm Oct 30, 2009 EDT

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