How I got 3000 shop views, over 300 new twitter followers & $ales in 2 days

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HautTotes says

Thanks to those of you who managed to make it through my (somewhat humorous) soliloquy "Yes!! you can" on surviving parenthood and Etsy.

Along with the references to play dough, goldfish cracker and bail bondsman I suggested taking some time out of your day to Twitter and gave an example of what Twitter has done for my sales.

I've received several convo's, tweets and a couple emails about how to go about a Twitter promo and specifically how to count.

So, this is what I did. I tweeted a message That said

*WIN THIS TOTE* (link to my item) 497th RT wins, max 1 RT per hour

I set my heart-o-matic so that I could see how many people dropped in and more importantly how many looked beyond the promo bag!

I let twitter do it's thing... And I RTed this myself about every 4 hours.

It is important to mention that I have spent a lot of time tweeting about other things than my shop, I at that time had 2600 followers, many of whom where not porn bots!

As for how to do the actual count Make sure you include something like 1 RT per hour or someone will sit there and RT it again and again and again (someone probably will anyway) then when you need to count how many there have been put (in my case) @hautttotes 497th in the search bar in Twitter. All the tweets with "@hautttotes 497th" will be included. You will have to then go to the bottom and count up, skipping the people who RT every 5 minutes. It takes a while but is totally doable.


Give away something good! NO one is going to RT a promo for a $5 gift certificate if the stuff in your store starts at $15!

Don't, DON'T just tweet about your shop and what's for sale!!! If you do, people will unfollow you and it will give Etsy a bad "spammy" image.

Don't use too small a number! You want it to take a while for there to be a winner! The point of this is for the followers of your followers to see this and tweet it on!

My 497 took less than 24 hours (note to self, bigger number next time) It resulted in 3000 views to my shop about half of which were not to the item linked! In addition I got about 300 new twitter followers (people love you if you give them free stuff!)

Now this would do me no good, other than to boost my twitter popularity if it didn't translate into sales!!! Here is how I did that.

When I had a winner I tweeted "There is a winner!!! Is it you? Check here to find out (insert my blog link)"

On my blog I put a post with photos of my bags (linked to the listing) and a message that said something to the effect of Congratulations X!! (Link to their twitter account) If you had your heart set on a tote and didn't win, I have a special promotion for my twitter followers (I offered a free matching pouch with tote) you can offer a discount, whatever. If you purchase from my shop in the next 5 (obviously you could use more or less) days and put "Twitter" in the notes to seller....

Blah, blah, blah, you get the idea from here. The last time I did this it resulted in 10 "twitter" sales (at @ $38 a bag, that's not bad) so far (less than a month) 2 of those buyers (and the previous winner!) have come back and bought additional items!

I also suggested people tweet the winner to congratulate them (you would be amazed at how many did!)

Posted at 11:55am Sep 9, 2009 EDT


awesome idea!

Posted at 11:56am Sep 9, 2009 EDT

You are so awesome! Thanks for sharing : )

Posted at 11:58am Sep 9, 2009 EDT

Cool! I just read your other post and you had me rolling. I totally love your workspace and you had me shaking my head at the comment about the stuff that makes it way into your craft room that doesn't belong there.

I'll have to think about the giveaway and twitter. Might be fun.

Posted at 11:58am Sep 9, 2009 EDT

Something great to keep in mind! Thank you for the idea!

Posted at 12:01pm Sep 9, 2009 EDT

Marking this. Grats on the sales!!

Posted at 12:05pm Sep 9, 2009 EDT

katieblue says

Great tips! I'm always looking for ways to get more views through Twitter without it seeming "spammy". Thanks!

Posted at 12:06pm Sep 9, 2009 EDT

Thank you so much for the tips! I have been so lost as to how to run my twitter account (only business or business and personal), and I love your ideas. Thank you so much for sharing!

Posted at 12:07pm Sep 9, 2009 EDT

deadteddys says

(I know im going to sound stupid asking this) But RT does mean repeat tweet yeah?

Posted at 12:09pm Sep 9, 2009 EDT

papermode says

great idea!

Posted at 12:09pm Sep 9, 2009 EDT