Resin for Jewelry: New techniques

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Archaic, every time I see your avatar, I have to see what lies behind it. Your shop, I mean. Totally clickable, at least for someone with my tastes.

Posted at 4:18pm Dec 14, 2009 EST

Interesting, thanks

Posted at 4:21pm Dec 14, 2009 EST

shanblan says


Posted at 9:53am Dec 15, 2009 EST

Arabesque, your paper cutting work is wonderful!

Posted at 11:57am Dec 15, 2009 EST

Hi!!! I was here a little while back and asked a question about getting Glitter into the resin (I couldnt find it again to thank the person who answered me- but thanks again!) I wanted to share with everyone what I used the resin for Here is my listing!

Thanks for making this Forum- It was essential in making my mirrors...I ruined about 30 mirrors though lol- the resin was tricky and got into the nooks and crannies. Im going to keep putting more mirrors up over the next few days- check back often! Oh and Im going to put a link to this up on my blog- I'll send the link when I do!! (If thats ok) Happy New Year everyone!

Posted at 8:25am Jan 5, 2010 EST

I use both Castin Craft Resin and Easy pour Resin.
I personally Prefer Castin craft and have never had a
problem with it at all other than it is very expensive.
You just have to be very very careful to mix the exact same amount together. I always use the measured resin cups so I can be acurate in the amounts I use.
Then, I pour the resin into the hardner first. I stir for
exactly 3 mins. (Use an egg timer) after 3 mins, pour the mix back into the resin cup and stir for another minute. let it sit for about 1 min or so to let the gas bubbles dissipate.
then, you are ready! I use small little cups and drop my color in, then, pour a bit of resin in then stir and pour into my mold.
Works for me everytime. ( :
(Castin craft sets up better for me than easy pour.)
Hope this helps.

Posted at 8:41am Jan 5, 2010 EST

Hi all,
I'm new to the thread but I've read through most of it. I'm not sure if resin is my answer but I make photo jewelry. In my shop now, I have glass tile pendants. I've made hundreds of them and have finally worked out most of my problems as far as bubbles and running ink etc. (need to update my shop with examples of my new work, it's much better than the older photos on there now.)
I use Annie Howes Glamour Glaze now and find it to be the best by far for laying pictures onto the glass (and I've tried them all). I like to seal my pendants on all sides except the glass front.
My problem: after a couple of months the oils and sweat from our skin seems to break the glaze down on the back and make it sticky and gross. I'm looking for something to seal up the sides and back that is water proof, non-toxic, easy to use, and of course, that won't break down over time. I don't have the ventilation available for using a full blown resin and I want an heirloom final product.
Any recommendations?

Thanks for the wealth of info so far, I'll add what I know if I see anybody looking for that kind of info.

Posted at 7:53pm Jan 8, 2010 EST

CharmedbyHeather, wow, I wish I knew of a product that did all that!Two part resin stays great over time, but isn't that easy,and isn't especially non-toxic.It's worth it to me to use the resin because I love the results and I've learned to work with it over time. good luck! Chris

Posted at 10:18pm Jan 8, 2010 EST

Vickynjay says

I'm a resinaholic! My mushrooms is just one thing I make from resin. I'll be listing more items this weekend. Send me a actual message so I can contact you about the team idea.

Posted at 10:22pm Jan 8, 2010 EST

Vickynjay says

I like easycast. I have pieces two years old tht look just out of the mold fresh. Being an epoxy resin makes it tough, resist yellowing, and doesn't continue giving of chemicals after it cured.

Posted at 10:25pm Jan 8, 2010 EST