how to advertise a fictitious name announcement

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Original Post

I've been searching around forever, and I think I understand (almost) everything about how to file all the required mess of paperwork to get my business started. I know I have to start by filing my DBA or fictitious name, but there's a new law that I have to advertise it in a local newspaper. However, nowhere is there any information on WHAT I am advertising.

My name and the fictitious name? Or do I need other info like my home business address? I haven't come across many useful people when talking to city office workers (sigh), and I'm scared I'll spend money to advertise the wrong thing, then get in trouble.

So, if you've had to do this, WHAT did you submit as an add? I'm in Florida, Seminole county if that makes a difference (I'm sure it does-- nothing is consistent with this stuff!)

Posted at 3:23pm Sep 10, 2009 EDT


Interesting, I wonder if it's a bit like those text listings of court cases, building applications, marriage announcements and legal bits?

Do you have a small business association or anything like that locally that you could ask?

Posted at 3:27pm Sep 10, 2009 EDT

I really have no idea. I am beyond confused about everything I need to do. The lady at city hall yesterday said it was one form and took about 24 hours to go through. Ha! She's useless otherwise I'd go back there for help.

Posted at 3:29pm Sep 10, 2009 EDT

I went down to my local newspaper and they had a form for me to fill out. It was just my business info. Then I paid them to run it for 4 weeks. It wasn't hard and you should be able to call & find out where to go to file it there. I believe when I filed my DBA with the county, they gave me a list of where I could advertise. The only bummer part was the it cost me $100 to run that ad for 4 weeks. But legally I had to do it.

Posted at 3:30pm Sep 10, 2009 EDT

karinsart says

it's been years since i did mine, but i think i kinda just looked in the pennysaver & classifieds to get an idea of the necessary content....
most places that sell advertisements, have standard rates (like when you list a for sale, or obit)
congrats on your 'official-ness'

Posted at 3:31pm Sep 10, 2009 EDT

is this announcement only required in certain states? when i filed my dba at the county clerk's office (in tx) they said nothing about needing to advertise the name??

Posted at 3:32pm Sep 10, 2009 EDT

Jenny- I'm not sure if it's a county, state or federal thing. I know that I only had so long to actually run it so I did it on the same day I filed my DBA with the county. It ran once a week for 4 weeks.

Posted at 3:35pm Sep 10, 2009 EDT

Jenny-- in Florida it's a new law since July 1. Makes me wish I got my license sooner.

Posted at 3:41pm Sep 10, 2009 EDT

I tried googling it and searched a few sites - I don't think TX requires it to be run in any publication & the county clerk's office's site helps you search the name database before you file in person. whew!!

Posted at 3:51pm Sep 10, 2009 EDT

squidart says

Hey Nessa,

You just need to have the fictious name in the newspaper as an advertisement. Anything involving that name will work.

But you do not need to provide proff of this advertisement, so don't worry about the specifics.


Look at FAQ #8. It is all explained.

I just filed ALL of my Florida paperwork :) So, if you have more questions, convo.

I actually added my legal name to the end of my business name so that I didn't have to pay for a fictious name. I am now Squidart Photography by Kathleen Frank, LLC.


Posted at 3:57pm Sep 10, 2009 EDT