Have not received Payment yet, and shows no transaction on Paypal?

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Original Post

SandMWorld says

Hi everyone,

We have had one sale before but the customer sent a check through the mail, and that's how we received our payment for the sale.

However, we have just had our second sale this time around and we have not received payment yet. We checked on Paypal and there is no record of the transaction. It has been at least 48 hours now. We messaged the buyer and did not receive an email back yet. We have bought several items on paypal but have never received payment yet on there. What do you reccommend we do. Maybe we are not checking in the right spot? The buyer didn't confirm how they would like to pay (we are not sure how to see how they would like to pay)...

We would appreciate your help/suggestions!


Posted at 9:40pm Sep 12, 2009 EDT


There is a way to send a invoice to your customer through paypal and they can pay it that way, I had this happen twice one person payed and the other never did. You can find how to send an invoice in Storque they take you step by step.

Posted at 9:44pm Sep 12, 2009 EDT

ZViolet says

They may have just dropped it or forgot it. Did you send a convo via etsy or an email? Some people don't check etsy for convo's often.

Posted at 9:44pm Sep 12, 2009 EDT

If you look in your sold items, click on details beside the item, and it should tell you how the buyer wishes to pay.
If they chose paypal, you could send an invoice from paypal to the email address provided in the details: log in to paypal, click request money, create invoice and go from there.
Sometimes, people choose not to have notifications of convos sent to their emails, and don't log in every day, so it could just be that they think they've finished the payment process and are done. (This last part seems to happen a LOT)

Posted at 9:44pm Sep 12, 2009 EDT

Hi there, Congratulations on your sale. I see you accept checks as well as paypal so perhaps you are going to have to wait a week to see if you receive a check in the mail? I would give the buyer a few days to get back to you in answer to your convo. Did you get an etsy email that you have a sale and if so I would contact them at their email address as well as through convo.

You can set up your policy's to expect a check in X amount of days or the item will be relisted or just accept PayPal and decide how long you will wait on payment before you cancel a sale and relist.

Paypal should send you a notice of payment to your email address but it sounds like you went into your account and no payment is there yet. I think because you accept checks you should give it more time.

Posted at 9:49pm Sep 12, 2009 EDT

LillyLemon says

I've had it happen twice where the buyer "thought" they paid via paypal, but the transaction didn't go through (specifically they paid via paypal just using the credit card info, not logging into an account) Paypal didn't notify them that the transaction didn't go through, and they had no idea it didn't go through either. Where to go from there I'm not sure, I've just asked them to contact paypal to see if their credit card had been charged or not so they don't think I'm trying to swindle them out of a double payment.

Hope it works out for you! I lost a customer due to this, but we'll see how the second one turns out. My best advice is just be patient and try to be helpful as they work it through, although it may seem like a non-paying buyer, sometimes that's just not the case.

All the best!

Posted at 9:50pm Sep 12, 2009 EDT

I've thought I'd paid for an item but forgot to click the last click. Try sending an invoice and sending a message to their email instead of a convo through Etsy (if you haven't already).

Posted at 10:00pm Sep 12, 2009 EDT

If you look at the email that Etsy sends when you have a sale - just under the list of items that were bought and above the buyer's address is a line that says:
"The buyer chose the following form of Payment:" - it will have Check, Money Order or PayPal listed.

You might want to convo, as well as email the buyer to thank them and remind them to go back (if they selected PayPal) and make the payment. Also let them know that you will ship as soon as you receive their payment.

Their email is found on the Etsy invoice, and the notification email that you receive after each sale.

Posted at 10:00pm Sep 12, 2009 EDT

I only accept PayPal, so I'm not certain how Etsy works when you accept checks and other forms of payment, but in any case, I think it's okay if you contact the buyer and let them know that their item will ship once you've received payment, and then let them know the two ways you accept it.

Something along the lines of "Please return to your Etsy invoice <paste url> and click 'Pay with PayPal' to pay securely with your credit card, or contact me at <your email address> to arrange payment by check." That way, you should expect to hear back from them within a day or so (as opposed to waiting for a week to see if anything come in the mail).

Posted at 10:00pm Sep 12, 2009 EDT

SandMWorld says

I think I am just going to send an invoice to the buyer and see what happens, if they don't pay within a week then I will cancel the invoice and sale. Thanks again for ALL of your help and I wish you all the best of luck on Etsy! ;D

Posted at 10:02pm Sep 12, 2009 EDT