average Etsy sale figures?

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Original Post

Does anyone know if there is any sales data available such as average amount of a sale on Etsy?

Just wondering what price range(s) have the most sales...

$4 or $40?

Posted at 7:05 pm Sep 14, 2009 EDT


Great question! I was curious about that myself.

Posted at 7:06 pm Sep 14, 2009 EDT

I think there is some information on that somewhere in the storque. I seem to recall the average price point being about $10-15... but I could be wrong.

Posted at 7:07 pm Sep 14, 2009 EDT

From the monthly sales data posted, it averages about $15. It was the same when I joined a year ago. Etsy calls this the "Monthly Weather Report" and publishes it around the first week of every month for the month before.

Posted at 9:37 pm Sep 14, 2009 EDT

the average sale as of last month is $16.66, i think it was

Posted at 9:39 pm Sep 14, 2009 EDT

it was definitely over $16

but, also rememeber that includes supplies too

Posted at 9:40 pm Sep 14, 2009 EDT

personally, mine is a lot higher than that, last I checked about 4X

Posted at 9:41 pm Sep 14, 2009 EDT

TessaKim says


Posted at 9:42 pm Sep 14, 2009 EDT

thanks...not sure if that is encouraging but I'll file it away. :)

Posted at 8:26 am Sep 15, 2009 EDT

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