Inspiration for my next treasury!

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Original Post

I'm in need of an item to inspire my next treasury.

Here are some requirements:

1. Great Product Photos
2. Colorful
3. Unique
4. Fun

If one of your items or many from your store fit this description and you would like to be the inspiration for my next treasury. Post a comment below.

If you want to see some of my previous treasuries click here:

Thanks in advance!

Posted at 8:36pm Sep 15, 2009 EDT


Fun! Take a peek at my shop. I have all of the criteria and would love to be considered. Thanks!

Posted at 8:39pm Sep 15, 2009 EDT

Here you go, CrazyDaisies...I think this fits the bill!

Posted at 8:40pm Sep 15, 2009 EDT

These are pretty darn colorful, and might tickle you:

Posted at 8:41pm Sep 15, 2009 EDT

You've made some gorgeous treasuries! I can't decide if the purple or the olive is my favorite :)

Posted at 8:41pm Sep 15, 2009 EDT

pasted says

Ooh cool! Take a look at my card shop! Lots of bright pictures in there : )

Posted at 8:42pm Sep 15, 2009 EDT

You have a real knack for making treasuries. They are all beautiful. Here's one from my shop.

Posted at 8:42pm Sep 15, 2009 EDT

I would love to be in one of your treasuries! I like to think I choose some unique designs for my cloth are a few for you to check out:

Thanks! :)

Posted at 8:43pm Sep 15, 2009 EDT

great shop beautiful lamp shades and pretty treasury

my vintage shop I hope you find something you like.

Posted at 8:43pm Sep 15, 2009 EDT