Unknown Etsy Tools...please share!

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Original Post

I just found out about the poster sketch tool...


And the Tag Fractal tool...


I had no idea about either of these!! And I didn't know about the treasuries for the longest times.

Are there any other obscure Etsy tools that other people know about?

Posted at 12:46am Sep 16, 2009 EDT


Well, they're not on Etsy, but they are Etsy tools...


Posted at 12:50am Sep 16, 2009 EDT

I've used craftcult, but none of these other ones...THANK YOU!!!!

Posted at 12:52am Sep 16, 2009 EDT

tronaHUE says

Cr8tivity.com - has the usual hearts and views and also have a product flyer maker.

Posted at 12:53am Sep 16, 2009 EDT

Wow Tag Fractal is so cool!


Posted at 12:57am Sep 16, 2009 EDT

Thanks for the links.

Posted at 1:05am Sep 16, 2009 EDT

lisajune says

Though these aren't indigenous Etsy tools, I personally like the Forums tools provided by Etsyhacks.

Forum Wrangler: www.etsyhacks.com/greasemonkey/forum_wrangler/
Forum Nav Bar: www.etsyhacks.com/greasemonkey/forum_navbar/
Forum Permalink: www.etsyhacks.com/greasemonkey/forum_permalinks/
Admin Spotting: www.etsyhacks.com/greasemonkey/adminspotting/

This is an interesting question, which tools do you think are essential to Etsy?

Posted at 1:08am Sep 16, 2009 EDT

oh man...these are really great! Keep em coming!

Posted at 1:12am Sep 16, 2009 EDT