Let's figure out the secret to craftgawker....together!

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Original Post

I have read many a time that this has been a source of frustration for sellers......including myself!

Craftgawker (not taken too seriously of course!) can be a great tool to get some more views and exposure- for FREE!

It all comes down to taking good photos. Heard that one before?! :)

This is something I have really been working a lot on. After many many denials I have had several finally accepted (yay!). I would love to start a thread where people can share their accepted photos and reasons for why they think they were accepted.

Let's post which photos you have had accepted and figure out why! Maybe we can crack the code together and help others get their work out their too!

Posted at 10:02am Sep 18, 2009 EDT


This photo is on craftgawker now. I think it works because it is crisp, the colors pop, and it has a clean background. They seem to like white backgrounds!


Posted at 10:04am Sep 18, 2009 EDT

It is all lighting, any photo that has been altered in photoshop for me has been rejected...
This one got accepted and then sold right away..I took the photo outside in bright light, cropped it and that was it..
I have had many other rejections from them as well though.

Posted at 10:06am Sep 18, 2009 EDT

Oooh, great shot. I would love to know how to make mine come out that perfect! I think it's our point and shoot camera that just can't cut it, but I haven't been able to sell my husband on the idea that I need a digital SLR with a macro lens. Still working on that!

Posted at 10:07am Sep 18, 2009 EDT

Hi greeniemarie. Great advice! That doll is so cute and you are right, the lighting in that photo is great. I have had many rejected for being over/underexposed!

Posted at 10:08am Sep 18, 2009 EDT

Jewelsofsarawati, that is a wonderful photo of truly beautiful earrings. I got a two piece shirt set and a sweatshirt accepted:
I like how the photos turned out, but I can rarely repeat it. The amount of light must have been just right by luck.

Posted at 10:09am Sep 18, 2009 EDT

I have know idea what craftgawker is could someone fill me in please.

Posted at 10:10am Sep 18, 2009 EDT

I think you can work with pretty much any camera. It all about experimenting!!!

I saw a thread somewhere where someone was working with a really simple camera and took amazing pics.. I think that was what inspired me. You do need macro for jewelry I think.

I also edit it in Picasa a bit. I usually lighten the photo, then increase saturation. Things seem to come out blah on Etsy....

Posted at 10:10am Sep 18, 2009 EDT

onegift- check out www.craftgawker.com


Posted at 10:11am Sep 18, 2009 EDT

Thank, I am on it.

Posted at 10:12am Sep 18, 2009 EDT