Team EJAG Fall "Autumn Abundance" Challenge!!

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Original Post

jamesgoetz says

Well its time for our next Team Challenge.

Be creative! Anything goes from Halloween to Thanksgiving themes! As long as it is a piece of jewelry that you created.

One entry per person.

This must be a new item, not something you currently have listed or had listed in the past.

Anyone interested must sign up by October 1st. Here through the forum thread.

The picture of your item must be emailed to me at by October 12.

Voting will start October 15th and end November 1st.

Starting October 15th you may list the item in your shop, but it may not be sold until the contest is over November 1.

Please add the title of the challenge "Autumn Abundance" in the title of your listing and that you are wanting people to vote for you.

Please also list in your listing that the item can not be sold til after the challenge is over, but you can let a person know that you can hold it for them till after the challenge.

Also include the link to the blog where the poll will be where people can vote.

The summer contest was a lot of fun and this one is sure to be too. Please sign up create an autumn abundance!!!

Posted at 11:01pm Sep 18, 2009 EDT


jamesgoetz says

Im in for the challenge for sure.

Posted at 11:13pm Sep 18, 2009 EDT

krissyanne says

I'd love to be in for the challenge. :) It'll be my first challenge!

Posted at 11:28pm Sep 18, 2009 EDT

jamesgoetz says


Posted at 11:36pm Sep 18, 2009 EDT

Count me in!!!

Posted at 1:36am Sep 19, 2009 EDT

I'm in too :)

Posted at 8:26am Sep 19, 2009 EDT

LaJubilee says

How exciting! It will be my first challenge too! Sign me up!....Anne

Posted at 8:54am Sep 19, 2009 EDT

I am not quite settled in Virginia yet but I am up for the Autumn challenge. Especially since this is the first autumn in 13 years I have had on the East Coast; I am enjoying every colorful autumn day!

Posted at 9:54am Sep 19, 2009 EDT

it's my first one :-)
will be happy to participate!

Posted at 2:58pm Sep 19, 2009 EDT

I'm all over it. I love all things autumn!

Posted at 5:20pm Sep 19, 2009 EDT