Let's make a list of all the ways to promote our shop outside of Etsy

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Original Post

HoneyBoo says

Every once in a while I come across another great way to promote outside of etsy that I had no idea about. Mostly from here in the forums..There are sooo many!

So I thought it would be great to have an organized list that everyone can enjoy and share..

I'm starting the list with the ways I know of, please share your knowledge and add to the list some other ways/sites you know of along with a short description..

I will organize all our posts in ONE list that would be easy to read..

Let's start:

1.Twitter - a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages. twitter.com/

2.Facebook - a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. www.facebook.com/

3.Flicker - an online photo management and sharing application, where you can show off your favorite photos and videos to the world. www.flickr.com/

4.Blog - a tool that enables you to easily share your thoughts,photos,videos with the world. You can publish your blog with: www.blogger.com/home
wordpress.org/ and more..

5.We love etsy - A social network for people who love Etsy. Create your own page and share your photos, videos, blogs, join groups, post on the forums and more.. etsylove.ning.com/

6.Google Base - a place where you can easily submit all types of online and offline content, which will make it searchable on Google. base.google.com/base/?gsessionid=FzW7TUeBZbXmpLdn6jnqmw

7.Craftgawker - a gallery where anyone can showcase their art, crafting and photography skills.
(Read this helpful forum thread about craftgawker:
www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6287727 )

8.Give your relatives/friends your bussiness cards and let them spread the word about your shop.
(Read this forum thread : www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6036202 )

Post your ways to promote!
Let's make this list once and for all!

Thank you :)

Posted at 5:53am Sep 21, 2009 EDT


HoneyBoo says


Posted at 6:01am Sep 21, 2009 EDT

I send out emails to all my friends and family with a few photos of new items and a link to my shop every now and then, then ask them to forward it along...

I'm also starting an email list for my shop - not sure how that'll go yet, but I've heard good things from others who've tried it =)

And as well as my fan page, I have a bunch of wonderful friends on Facebook who post links to my shop on their profiles every now and then, which spreads my name around more!

Posted at 6:09am Sep 21, 2009 EDT

Facebook fanpage and groups too!! connect with even more people

and forums relivent to your items - put links to your etsy in your sig line and make friends on there

Posted at 6:25am Sep 21, 2009 EDT

Hotfrog,(free business listing, goes onto google searches)
Fairs, Markets, Shows,
Florist shop, hairdressers, or other local business that are willing to take your business cards.

Posted at 6:29am Sep 21, 2009 EDT

Picassa - great free program for editing and uploading photos

Posted at 6:30am Sep 21, 2009 EDT

Leave a business card trail wherever you go. Post them on public bulletin boards in coffee shops, apartment mail stations, leave one with your tip at restaurants, any place that you can think of.

Add a link to your shop at the bottom of your email

place a sign in your car that has a photo of one or a few of your items include your Etsy shop address on the sign. Whenever you are parked somewhere you will be surprised how many people see it.

Posted at 6:32am Sep 21, 2009 EDT

HoneyBoo says

Great ideas !
Keep posting..more ideas, sites, links...
Let's get it all here!

Posted at 6:46am Sep 21, 2009 EDT

Thanks for the ideas!

Posted at 6:51am Sep 21, 2009 EDT