Etsy "D" List Blog, for those of us still not selling.

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Original Post

I've created a blog that will follow me through the learning process of having a succesful shop (hopefully)

Follow me, comment on my posts.... lets learn together.

Comments welcome and encouraged ;-)

Posted at 2:03pm Sep 21, 2009 EDT


I'll follow you if you follow me :) I like that you listed some resources!

Posted at 2:07pm Sep 21, 2009 EDT

suppose I should post my blog url lol

Posted at 2:08pm Sep 21, 2009 EDT

Sure thing HippieChick. thanks!

Posted at 2:12pm Sep 21, 2009 EDT

oh, and I'll give you a shout out as well. ;-)

Posted at 2:13pm Sep 21, 2009 EDT

cool! Following you now!

Posted at 2:15pm Sep 21, 2009 EDT

Soulstone- I really love both these items! I'm hearting your shop for future reference :)

Posted at 2:16pm Sep 21, 2009 EDT

Thanks Chelsea! I'll reciprocate!

HippieChick, Love your stuff. I heart'd a few of your items.

Posted at 2:16pm Sep 21, 2009 EDT

Monkeeta says

I'm following you. Great idea!

Posted at 2:21pm Sep 21, 2009 EDT