to those with talent to spare, a challenge to open shop if you dare

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Original Post

When my wife and I went searching to find
toys that were natural and good for the mind

The toys every where made noise and light
but I think the kids not the toys should be bright

I decided I'ld just have to make some instead
My Etsy shop is where all of that led

I started with toys for just my kids
and getting from friends occassional bids

"Your toys should be on Etsy online"
said some whose advice was almost devine

It takes just pennies to open a store
My toys were now seen by people gallore

I reached so many places without a sales call
East coast and west coast and no coast at all

To anyone wanting to display their wares
I suggest Etsy and their reasonable fares

So if you've got talent that you don't share
Please show us and open a shop if you dare

twenty pennies is all you can lose
there is much to gain if my dare you will choose

Posted at 10:31pm Sep 21, 2009 EDT


ceejay60 says

Cool Poem!

Posted at 10:33pm Sep 21, 2009 EDT

artikaur says

What a cute poem!!!:-)...

Posted at 10:33pm Sep 21, 2009 EDT

Talent to spare is not all you will need - -
especially if your work is by bead.
You will need a firm ego to conquer the lows
and perchance the stomach to endure craft shows
because buyers will always like your neat stuff
but they might close the wallet if times are tough
and bead jewelry cat is stuffed to the gills;
Talent you'll ride as you yearn for the hills :)

(Yes, Etsy is great - - but some weeks, man oh man, it can sure make you want to scream : )

Posted at 10:40pm Sep 21, 2009 EDT

Very impressive...very cool!

Posted at 10:42pm Sep 21, 2009 EDT

Very well done.

Posted at 10:46pm Sep 21, 2009 EDT

designed by lucinda how very well said
my goal is not that any folks be misled

into thinking that etsy will cure all their woes
as everyone here most certainly knows

it is good you reminded that trials still come
yet inspiration is needed i think for some

who are like I was frozen in fear
not doing anything year after year

the loss we sustain by doing naught
is pale by the benefits that could be got

So get off your kiester and open a shop
the worst that can happen is that your sales stop

Posted at 10:48pm Sep 21, 2009 EDT

I've not yet opened my store , it's not filled to the brim. My store is here waiting - for me to begin. I've been way too slow, but really should go and try and get my twenty cents in ! Ha ha ha ha !!!

Posted at 10:49pm Sep 21, 2009 EDT

(I am so in love with you - - dueling poetry!!! My turn, lemme think....)

Posted at 10:52pm Sep 21, 2009 EDT