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Original Post

Has anyone ever got contact through their etsy store from I was just wondering if it was a legit site or not, or if anyone had feedback/experience with it...


Posted at 12:51pm Sep 22, 2009 EDT


sucree says

No, I haven't heard of this one. But it is the season and lots of requests are coming in from boutiques for wholesale...
I'll bump you to see if anybody else has experience with them.

Posted at 12:54pm Sep 22, 2009 EDT

Just bumping this in case anyone has any input this afternoon...

Posted at 4:29pm Sep 22, 2009 EDT

I just got the following email from them and am interested in this as well. It seems like a scam, but I will give them a call to hear their pitch. I removed their contact info and name just so you know:

Do you wholesale your products? The specialty stores and large chains we work with are aggressively looking for products to purchase this Holiday season. We need a larger variety of pieces they can choose from, hence my email to you. If you want to make a push and if you're interested in selling to more stores, now's the time. Visit us

Posted at 1:12am Oct 1, 2009 EDT

Just received an email from these people today. The email seems similar to another one I had gotten a few months ago, but with a different website name and representative name.

Posted at 11:03am Oct 8, 2009 EDT

Just received an email from them too... Any feed back?

Posted at 4:43pm Oct 13, 2009 EDT

I also received e-mail from them and after a bit of digging found another forum with some information:

The e-mail was almost worded exactly like a series of e-mail I received earlier this year and their website looks familiar but I can't find any of those e-mails now even after poking in the dusty e-trash bin!

I don't plan on doing this. If they are a start-up, they need a bit more street cred or something.

Sharon P.

Posted at 8:25pm Oct 14, 2009 EDT

Looks like a scam to me. Weaselly words, lots of money to start up, slow refunds, name changes, and what appears to be a chorus line of sock puppets singing their praises. A BBB rating? Really. That only means nobody has complained about them to BBB yet. And those two news articles posted to startupnation are so similar to each other that they look quite fake.

I'm thinking no.

Posted at 9:01pm Jan 1, 2010 EST

NONONONONO....we gave in to the pressure tactics and joined/posted our products in early November, which should have been prime timing. So far, NOTHING...NO responses, inquiries, etc. We figured that all we could lose was the monthly fee b/c the set-up is supposed to be fully refundable, but I would bet that we'll have a hard time getting that money back. They already told us (AFTER we joined) that they "expect" someone to give it six months before requesting a six months they will have $150 MORE of my money! I am NOT a happy camper...

Posted at 5:11pm Jan 4, 2010 EST

andymathis says

I just got an email from someone asking about and found this thread with google.

That site reminds me a lot of VendorPro. Which I think there is another site out there as well.

They seem to have to change names every few years. I am sure it was so much easier for them before the internet came along. . . .

Posted at 5:25pm Feb 24, 2010 EST