made my soup too spicy

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Original Post

I need to not just freely toss in spices...I made lentil soup but its really too spicy to eat.

Posted at 7:19 pm Sep 22, 2009 EDT


My BF did that the other day and I tried to eat it but my mouth was burning. You could dilute it a bit. (BF put a huge long jalapeno in it:( )

Posted at 7:20 pm Sep 22, 2009 EDT

can you add some yogurt or cream?
usually helps

Posted at 7:21 pm Sep 22, 2009 EDT

echoart says

Add more lentils and stuff to dilute it. Also, dip bread in it.

Posted at 7:21 pm Sep 22, 2009 EDT

lizroca says

I love a little plain yogurt in lentil soup . . . that would cool it down.

Posted at 7:21 pm Sep 22, 2009 EDT

Peachcult says

Eat it with a piece of bread/honey and a glass of milk. A least, that's what we do when the green chile stew turns out too hot.

Posted at 7:23 pm Sep 22, 2009 EDT

Serve it on rice

Posted at 7:27 pm Sep 22, 2009 EDT

When I have salsa that's too hot I just add some sour cream-yummy!

Posted at 7:27 pm Sep 22, 2009 EDT

sorry, had to go find a box of tissues...

I found some Naan bread in the fridge...1 month past the expiry date o_O

tossed it out...

put some cream in it, which helped.

Tomorrow, I think I will get some more lentils and broth and dilute whats left. It was a 'make supper from whatevers in the cupboard' sort of day.

Posted at 7:28 pm Sep 22, 2009 EDT

cook some rice to eat with it or if you have any pita or nan bread!

Posted at 7:29 pm Sep 22, 2009 EDT

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