why you should cheer not fear when similar shops appear

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Original Post

if you already have a shop of your own
when you see more shops like yours do you groan?

allow me a moment to speak to you
to thank you for everything that you do

to sincerely applaud you straight from the heart
your presence on etsy is an important part

even if you sell things that look just like mine
I want you to know that I think it is fine

for I understand your presence helps me
the more shops there are, the more shoppers there'll be

If I sell something that no one else does
I won't draw many shoppers and that is because

people who want the thing that I sell
will be hard to inform on my own very well

the more shops on etsy that look something like mine
the more shoppers we draw when we combine

when you decide what you want is a car
do you drive to a lonely dealer that's far

or do you drive to a special street that you know
where there's lots of dealers with a variety to show

when a restaurant wants to open its doors
do they look for a spot that no one explores?

Or go to a spot that is right up the street
from several restaurants they know are neat?

business men know what customers like
a large variety is what will spike

sales for your store whatever you sell
being near others helps you to do well

So do not dismay or think you should stop
when you see another similar shop

that is the beauty of etsy online
shoppers like choice that here they can find

Posted at 10:09am Sep 23, 2009 EDT


Lovely! :)

Posted at 10:11am Sep 23, 2009 EDT

Wow! Well put and in a poem to boot!
Wish I had that talent!
Thanks for sharing!

Posted at 10:11am Sep 23, 2009 EDT

CleanRinse says

Wow, I haven't had enough coffee yet to be able to rhyme my response, but great reminder :)

Posted at 10:11am Sep 23, 2009 EDT


Posted at 10:17am Sep 23, 2009 EDT

briden31 says

Great poem, and so very true! Thanks for putting a positive spin on something that I know bothers a lot of people here!

Posted at 10:19am Sep 23, 2009 EDT

Thank you! i needed this this morning!

Posted at 10:19am Sep 23, 2009 EDT

impressive post! too cute for words (at least from me!)

Posted at 10:19am Sep 23, 2009 EDT

HomeStudio says

...and to think I saw it on Mulberry Street

great poem. very nicely done

Posted at 10:20am Sep 23, 2009 EDT

What a fabulous poem! I'm with CleanRinse though.. too early in the morning still for me to rhyme! But thank you for that poetic reminder. :-)

Posted at 10:20am Sep 23, 2009 EDT