Why Do So Many Items Purchased From eBay Sellers Smell Like Smoke?

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Original Post

For the third time this month I've opened a package from an eBay seller and it smelled like an ashtray. What's the deal?

Posted at 2:26am Sep 25, 2009 EDT


cmu55 says

Ugh!!! Is it from the same seller? Can you contact the seller and ask to return the item?

Posted at 2:28am Sep 25, 2009 EDT

People smoke! You can't stop smoke no matter what, not if you have a huge mansion and opposite ends for crafting and smoking and a gazillion doors. My ex-landlord smoked, and it got in everything.

But don't ask me why people smoke, I don't understand it either. :P

Posted at 2:28am Sep 25, 2009 EDT

Actually the packages were from 3 different sellers. I've purchased just as many items from Etsy sellers and have never run into the "smoking package". I just thought is was peculiar.

Posted at 2:33am Sep 25, 2009 EDT

some people list that it is from a smoke free home.

Posted at 2:35am Sep 25, 2009 EDT

I never purchased anything off ebay that smelled like smoke, but I have had people give me poor feedback from "problems" on clothes that were imaginary.

Posted at 2:36am Sep 25, 2009 EDT

pinknylon says

eh, i just wouldn't buy from a seller that doesn't put from "smoke-free home." you should ask from now.

i've never encountered this problem before.

Posted at 2:37am Sep 25, 2009 EDT

Maybe I'm picking the wrong items to bid on :) I will start making a habit of checking for "smoke free home" in the descriptions.

Posted at 2:39am Sep 25, 2009 EDT

I always check for "smoke free home" whenever I buy something from Ebay or Etsy. Since I don't smoke, items that smell of smoke are really strong and unpleasant for me.

Posted at 2:41am Sep 25, 2009 EDT

It is my guess that many people smoke and don't say so. I did get one item that smelled of smoke and it wasn't pretty. OK It didn't smell good, and I smoke. However, never ever near my items, nor in my house. I am a clean freak and no one has ever caught on I even smoke LOL

I have seen many many comments throughout the web though that so and so smelled of smoke. Who needs that!

Posted at 2:48am Sep 25, 2009 EDT