Want to learn how to "wire" onto glass

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Original Post

4Cdgns says

I searched and didn't see a specific thread, so here goes. I would like to know if someone here can help me learn the process of wiring onto glass. I have experimented some but I am still not sure how to keep the wire from popping up. I've seen reference to lead-free soldering but I am unfamiliar with this process.

I would like to make personalized gifts for my family & friends for the Holidays because last year I made a few lighted blocks & they loved them! However, one I saw a few wired pieces I fell in love with that & want to give it a shot.

Would anyone be willing help me out?
Thank you in advance,

Posted at 10:52am Sep 25, 2009 EDT


You mean like wirewrapping? It takes a LOT of patience.

Posted at 11:09am Sep 25, 2009 EDT

4Cdgns says

I guess so. I would also use large beads/stones. I see that they swirl the metal around the beads/stones but how do they get the wire to stick onto the glass? For the beads/stones I have an adhesive I've found for that but I must admit it's a bit messy!!

Posted at 11:14am Sep 25, 2009 EDT

If you use a soft wire for wirewrapping, it will "stick" to the glass without being held on by any adhesives.

Posted at 11:17am Sep 25, 2009 EDT

Wirewrapping doesn't use adhesive.

Posted at 11:18am Sep 25, 2009 EDT

It's all in the technique. I'm still practicing myself but am paranoid about the stones I use falling out.

Posted at 11:19am Sep 25, 2009 EDT

4Cdgns says

For instance on larger items such as a punch bowl, that I would love to make for my friends wedding gift, how would you get the wire to stick onto the glass bowl? I think I understand wire wrapping on things like utensils and smaller items but large glassware appears more difficult.

Posted at 11:22am Sep 25, 2009 EDT

Ok you aren't talking about wire wrapping. Do you mean soldering?

Posted at 11:24am Sep 25, 2009 EDT

As in stained glass?

Posted at 11:24am Sep 25, 2009 EDT

Must be soldering.

Posted at 11:26am Sep 25, 2009 EDT