Looking for sellers to feature on my blog

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Original Post

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for some new sellers to feature on my blog over the next few months. I aim to feature 1 maker per week.
I am looking for zen-like items or designs that reflect the Japanese aesthetic (as I am based in Tokyo).
If you are interested, please leave a comment below. I will let you know by convo if I have chosen your shop to be featured.
Thanks for reading!


You can check out my blog here:

I will also be posting this feature on my Facebook fan page:

Posted at 5:10am Sep 26, 2009 EDT


Hello Victoria,

I design the Gooddodoll.
The Gooddodoll is a unique soft doll for adults and works like wellness for the mind.

Just take a few minutes every day, and you will feel more relaxed and focused...

There are 10 different designs in the shop right now.


It would be great when you could feature the Gooddodoll on your blog.

Have a nice day!

Posted at 5:19am Sep 26, 2009 EDT

haptree says

oh, not really zen but feel free to take a quick look! I use japanese material!!!

Posted at 5:27am Sep 26, 2009 EDT

Dutch, love the doll and sketch books.
haptree, cute fabric choices and lovely items:)

Keep 'em coming everyone!

Posted at 5:59am Sep 26, 2009 EDT

akane says

Hi Biku Designs,

My shop is under renovation right now as I've been updating my blog a lot lately. I am a Japanese Canadian who loves zakka items. I don't think my shop is zen, but it's definitely a combination of both my cultures:) Please stop by later this weekend/week to see my new look for the shop:)

Posted at 6:06am Sep 26, 2009 EDT

It's not zen-like, but in case they fit your criteria, here are brooches made from kimono fabric encased in resin.


Posted at 6:19am Sep 26, 2009 EDT

Akane, some lovely items. I love the coffee cup holder:)
Littlewaltz, love the resin kimono fabric flowers.

Anyone else want to share?

Posted at 6:40am Sep 26, 2009 EDT

Any more sellers like a feature?

Posted at 7:55am Sep 26, 2009 EDT

Hi bikudesigns ~ I would love to be considered!
some of my Zen like creations ~
thanks for looking :)

Posted at 8:03am Sep 26, 2009 EDT