Custom orders...charge up front?

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Original Post

ParDay says

I have had many custom requests. Do you charge them a percentage or the full price upfront?

What do you do if they don't pay?

Posted at 2:34pm Sep 26, 2009 EDT


We charge 100% up front before we start work on the custom orders.

If they don't pay, we don't make it.

Posted at 2:36pm Sep 26, 2009 EDT

I always charge 50% up front. This is to cover supply costs and kind of like a gurantee they will be back later to pick up the finished project.

If they don't want to pay up front, I won't work with them. I have never had any one complain.

If they don't pay for the final product when it is finished, then they forfeit the 50% up front and I am free to do as I please with the item (aka sell it in the shop). I have had one person not come back and pay on a BIG custom order, but I tried working with her and she just kept saying eventually she would get the money to pay, and she never did. After a few months I decided it was fair that I sell the items in my shop and I did.

Posted at 2:37pm Sep 26, 2009 EDT

mistyridge says

It depends on what they are requesting and the cost to make the item for me. I usually ask for a percentage that is refundable if they choose not to take the piece then I list the piece for sale in my shop.

Posted at 2:38pm Sep 26, 2009 EDT

I charge 100% up front. None of my customers has ever questioned it or expected anything different.

Posted at 2:40pm Sep 26, 2009 EDT

I obtain payment in full before starting a custom order.

Posted at 2:42pm Sep 26, 2009 EDT

I've done a lot of custom orders. I require 100% up front. That pays for the supplies and your time.

Posted at 2:45pm Sep 26, 2009 EDT

I always request payment upfront. But with my shop they are also seeing exactly what they are paying for before hand. For shops that do sewn clothing ect., I'm not sure that would work. Maybe 50% upfront?

Posted at 2:45pm Sep 26, 2009 EDT

Depends on the price of the custom request, but always at least 50% non-refundable deposit.

Posted at 2:47pm Sep 26, 2009 EDT

DJReigel says

I learned the hard way (to the amount of $1000) to always charge up front. Finally got paid, but only after I sent my goons after 'em.

(just kidding, they did pay though)

Posted at 2:50pm Sep 26, 2009 EDT