AWEteam- (Art Walk Etsy team) to promote firstfridayartwalk on etsy

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Original Post

It's official! AWEteam (Art Walk Etsy team) is now an etsy team.

The purpose of the team is to actively participate in, and promote firstfridayartwalk on etsy. If you have time and inclination to join our fast growing team: apply at The team forum is where you'll find downloads for logos, flyers, notices, helpful information, etc. And, we are just getting started.

First Friday Art Walk on etsy was established June 2009, and is an ongoing event, taking place online at etsy, on the first Friday of every month, across the entire globe. How exciting is that!

Here's how to participate in firstfridayartwalk:

#1 Make an announcement on your etsy store announcement page. Keep it there all the time so all the guests to your store have the opportunity to see it. Include the date/s, and update it. State here specials or discounts you're offering. Keep it brief.

#2 Add a First Friday Art Walk section and keep it there even if you don't always have something in it.

#3 Use the tag firstfridayartwalk. It will come up under all items in etsy search.

#4 The following are suggestions only: Decide how you want to participate, i.e, offer a discount, free shipping, a drawing, BOGO-half off in the First Friday Art Walk section, etc. etc. Remember, just tagging your items firstfridayartwalk is participating. Maybe your prices are already sale prices.

#5 Tell your family and friends to mark the day on their calendars. If you are on a team bring them up to speed about First Friday Art Walk on etsy.

#6 Mention First Friday Art Walk in your blogs, facebook, twitter, post notices locally where permitted.

#7 Particiapte in this forum to help keep it on the radar. Share with us interesting things you are doing to promote firstfridayartwalk. Join the team if you have time and inclination @

Firstfridayartwalk is for ALL of us, to promote awareness and create publicity about our stores, the handmade movement, and the many many wonderful, awesome, and beautiful things waiting to be discovered!

Posted at 7:18am Sep 27, 2009 EDT


I'm excited to be part of this newly formed and already growing team. I've already made some sales and one purchase as a result of it.

Posted at 7:42am Sep 27, 2009 EDT

Acknowledging our team members with gratitude:

ponderosaquilter, MissElany, MaidinBritain, susanmossart, whatshername, Tsurfer, sturmDM, borkedplanet, shopjessbecause, intuibead, thehighplainsknitter, iheartmetees, eclecticarmadillo, SoapyBlessings, janetdavies, lilacwoman, karlakraft, pixestreasurechest, sarahsquiltsncrafts, woolandwingsfiberart, FairbanksFancyGoods, gnormyle, zwilling, djsart, LMartinPetPortraits, LindaLMartinArtist, Stoneflur, OneHeartJewelry

Posted at 8:18am Sep 27, 2009 EDT

MissElany has made a FirstFridayArtWalk treasury West. See:

Posted at 8:20am Sep 27, 2009 EDT

AmeGem says

This is cool thanks for sharing

Posted at 10:53pm Sep 27, 2009 EDT

Heads Up. First Friday is this week again already.
I'm going to offer all my Cathedral Windows at 25% off. Show we start posting our offers on this forum?

Posted at 6:54am Sep 28, 2009 EDT

Correction: Show = should. Must do better proof reading.

Posted at 7:20am Sep 28, 2009 EDT

ponderosaquilter: Sure! Good idea to post what we're offering!

Posted at 9:56am Sep 28, 2009 EDT

I just made a treasury featuring first friday artwalk. Come visit and click and comment!

Posted at 10:52am Sep 28, 2009 EDT