Etsy Top 10 (9.28.09) Enter your shop!!!!

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Original Post

My Top 10 picks for the Lunch Time Shoppers starts at 12pm !!Monday!! over on my Twitter channel.

There are over 95,000+ people following my Twitter channels!!

The Etsy Top 10 is now being posted on my fan page: (1400+ fans)
**If you would like some exposure for your Etsy shop .... POST YOUR SHOP HERE IN THIS THREAD.....

AND leave a comment on the Top 10 post for last week!
Tell me your favorite from last week!!!!!!!!!

*You must post in both places to have your shop considered!

Last weeks List received over 2122 views total and ONE SALE!!!

These stats are all tracked at

I will be picking the 10 shops to feature during the 12pm lunch hour ON Monday!!!!!

Thanks and good luck


P.S. If you have been featured... don't forget to grab your Etsy Top 10 badge for your blog!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Twitter Challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Each week the Etsy seller with the most retweets about the Top 10 will automatically be given a spot in the Top 10! All you have to do is hit the "Tweet This" buttons below.. The more you tweet the better!!!
If you create your own tweet make sure you add the #etsytop10 tag!
Add #etsytop10 to all your tweets today before Monday at NOON!

Posted at 2:16pm Sep 27, 2009 EDT


kimee says

Thanks for your consideration!

Posted at 2:25pm Sep 27, 2009 EDT

I'd love to be in the top 10:

Posted at 2:27pm Sep 27, 2009 EDT

OopisNein says

Awesome. That would be really cool!

Off to check it out and comment. : )

Posted at 2:28pm Sep 27, 2009 EDT

please consider my shop :D

Posted at 2:29pm Sep 27, 2009 EDT

hey, I have no luck.. but what the... I might as well try!

Posted at 2:29pm Sep 27, 2009 EDT

amanda23 says

I'd love to be in the Top 10 too!

Posted at 2:29pm Sep 27, 2009 EDT

kmcgiveron says

I'd like to be in!

My CERAMIC pendants have become increasingly popular, 2 have been given out in my own giveaway, and 2 more will be featured in two different blogs at the end of this month! (Burning Moon and Pretty Pink Mama).

People have bought non-listed ones and are super surprised at how light weight they truly are.

These are the ones that will be sold tonight!

Heart on the Line:

Dash of Red: $5

Harrison Lake: $5

Eternity: $10

Hazelnut Glory: $8

Floral to a Point: $10

A bit more about my pendants.....

These affordable yet elegant pendants are timeless and will look gorgeous with any fashion style. Compliments will be made for whoever wears them. These one-of-a-kind pieces makes a great gifts for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday. These pendants will look great with whatever type of chain you use!

Posted at 2:32pm Sep 27, 2009 EDT