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Original Post

DreaBunny says

The Etsy Maine Team would like to challenge YOU to a Scavenger Hunt!

On Wednesday, September 30th at midnight EST a list of Etsy Maine Team shops will be posted on the Maine Team blog and in this thread!

To participate, go through all the shops on the list, find a hidden ghost in one listing per shop, and keep track of those shops and listings! Convo your list of shop names and the ghost listings to me at DreaBunny and you will be entered to win a prize from one of the shops you just searched through!

You'll have from Thursday, October 1st until Saturday, October 3rd at midnight EST to send in your hunting list, and on Sunday winners will be announced!

Spread the word, the more the merrier!

Posted at 12:25pm Sep 28, 2009 EDT


DreaBunny says

We have about 20 shops participating as of right now, with more to come! So that's at least 20 prizes to be won!!

Posted at 12:44pm Sep 28, 2009 EDT

awesome stuff!

Posted at 12:53pm Sep 28, 2009 EDT

nikid says


Posted at 1:31pm Sep 28, 2009 EDT

DreaBunny says

Yup, CamelotsTreasures, FolkArtTreeFandangle AND her other shop FolkArtTree, and bth of my shops are participating! That's five shops right here on the first page =)

Posted at 1:38pm Sep 28, 2009 EDT

I'm in it, too! Can't wait!!! I'm going to mix some new paint tonight for a new cool Halloween themed listing!

Posted at 2:02pm Sep 28, 2009 EDT

karhumoon says

Me too! I'm in!

Posted at 2:06pm Sep 28, 2009 EDT

Knitster23 says

Marking--and I'm in! :)

Posted at 2:10pm Sep 28, 2009 EDT

I am in it - will be fun!

Posted at 2:21pm Sep 28, 2009 EDT