How do I shorten my Facebook Fan page URL without...

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Original Post

BabyEtte says

messing with my personal page user info?
Is it just me, or does fb make it really hard to keep the two seperate?
I have enough fans to change, and my new fanpage username is available, I just want to make sure I'm changing the url for my fanpage, not my personal fb page.
Am I explaining this properly?
Thanks for your help!

Posted at 5:49pm Sep 29, 2009 EDT


BabyEtte says

bumping... need help with this!

Posted at 6:04pm Sep 29, 2009 EDT

I've never had a problem separating the two. Maybe it's because I had my personal profile way before I had Fan pages?

Have you already set up the short URL for your personal profile? You need to do that before you can set up one for your Page.

Just go here:

If you have already set the username for your personal profile, it will tell you so. Then underneath will be a link to set usernames for your Page(s).

If you haven't set up a username for your personal profile, you need to do that first. Some people use their real name (first.last), if it's still available. Or use a nickname, whatever. Just DON'T use the name you want to use for your shop.

Posted at 6:20pm Sep 29, 2009 EDT

1) Go to this page:
2) Click the "Set a username for your Pages" link
3) This should bring up a drop down list. Click it.
4) Select your fan page from the list.
5) Plug in your desired name and submit.

Ta da!

Posted at 6:24pm Sep 29, 2009 EDT

BabyEtte says

You guys rock!
Here I am:
Thanks haroldandjane and heatherscent for holding my hand, it's just what I needed!

Posted at 6:34pm Sep 29, 2009 EDT

No problem :) These kind of issues are annoying and difficult to figure out sometimes.

Posted at 8:15pm Sep 29, 2009 EDT

Wow...just did mine too...and here I was thinking I needed 100 fans first! Thanks!!!! HaroldandJane

Posted at 9:11pm Sep 29, 2009 EDT

Do you have to insert your mobile number to verify your account?

Posted at 10:16am Oct 3, 2009 EDT

There's URL clipping website called that I use for that. It's good for putting something long on Twitter where you have limited space.

Posted at 10:22am Oct 3, 2009 EDT

You only need 25 fans now for a short URL. Good luck getting it set up! :)

Posted at 10:23am Oct 3, 2009 EDT