How many Etsy-ers use a Fictitious Name for their business?

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Original Post

ElderArc says

Grr it's really irritating getting the runaround. I had read that simple internet sales didn't need a DBA or fictitious name but my county government says you do unless you want to use your full name in the title.

I'm not crazy about using my full name. I'm a private person. Plus it doesn't sound good.... xxx Handmade Treasures? Bah!

So I was reading on (it's a Florida business reference site) and they say yes you need to file for one. They provide a link to the Department of Corporations and those stinkers won't answer their phones! I hate busy signals....

Anyways, it looks like I'm stuck using my name or I will have to redo my tax ID and business licenses. /sulk

Sorry for the rant. It's one of those days for me.

Anyways, all these shops use pretty names. How many Etsy people register the name? It's only 50 bucks but for me at this point I don't want to pay it. Plus you have to advertise in a newspaper. Yikes!

Posted at 10:52am Oct 1, 2009 EDT


SudsNSuch says

I have a DBA. I forget how much it was but it was cheap.

Posted at 10:55am Oct 1, 2009 EDT

Yes - I have my name registered

I also needed the DBA to open a business bank account

Posted at 10:55am Oct 1, 2009 EDT

My business name is the name of my Etsy store - I haven't needed a DBA yet because Moon of Glass is what's on my business license.

Posted at 10:57am Oct 1, 2009 EDT

I registered a my business name. My bank required it and I figured in the long run it would make all of my paperwork and administrative stuff clearer and easier. I also considered the protective quality of securing my business name so it couldn't be used by someone else. I eventually figured it was worthwhile.

Posted at 11:00am Oct 1, 2009 EDT

ElderArc says

My county licensing authority won't let me use my store name unless I register as a DBA. I don't have a business bank account but I like my paypal as it is. I don't really want to change everything just yet.

I've used my name on all legal documents but I want to keep my store name as it is. This is frustrating, lol. Of course, for tax purposes my name is used.

Oh the Division of Corporations website says registering a DBA doesn't protect your business name from duplication unless you file trademark papers. ><

Posted at 11:03am Oct 1, 2009 EDT

I should get a DBA, it hasn't been an issue for me but I don't want it to become one.

Posted at 11:03am Oct 1, 2009 EDT

I live in Australia and if you want to be a legit business you have to register for a tax file number. It doesn't cost anything at all- I'm still on hobby level but I do have a TFN. Not that I use it yet- in Australia you can make money selling things as a hobby or some such, I think you can make 10 grand a year without needing to be registered or something. I dunno. Laws- they're for other people. :P

Posted at 11:07am Oct 1, 2009 EDT

Registering a DBA shouldn't mean that you have to change everything to that name versus using your own name - It should simply mean that you operate under a different name some of the time. It connects you with your business name.

I am sure that you will find that spending the $50 is cheaper than the fines will be for not spending the $50.

Posted at 11:08am Oct 1, 2009 EDT

In CT I guess you don't have to file one. I'm pretty sure my brand is associated with my tax ID number though, I did that on purpose.

Posted at 11:12am Oct 1, 2009 EDT

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