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Original Post

Twist21 says

Here is the idea... We are all looking to reach new people to come to our shops, so lets promote eachother!

Here is how it will work. Promote the shop above by picking one item from that person's shop and posting it on your facebook, twitter, myspace page, whereever you want!

Then the next person will promote yours. Everyone should reach a whole new group of people that they wouldn't have reached otherwise!

Posted at 2:44pm Oct 1, 2009 EDT


SmileyMoo says

Thanks Twist. SInce no one else has jumped in yet I'm tweeting another item of yours! :) www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=29609374

Posted at 2:58pm Oct 1, 2009 EDT

Twist21 says

It would be pretty funny if we just promoted eachothe all day! I tweeted this one of yours. Hopefully people will catch on soon! This is a good idea I think!

Posted at 3:03pm Oct 1, 2009 EDT

SmileyMoo says

Thanks! I tweeted this www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=29546919 and this thread as well :)

Posted at 3:04pm Oct 1, 2009 EDT

deelights says

I tweeted smileys Frankenstien candles.

Posted at 3:05pm Oct 1, 2009 EDT

OK! I'll jump in and promote you both. Going to look at your shops now...

Posted at 3:05pm Oct 1, 2009 EDT

MissChuga says

Thia is a GREAT IDEA!!!! Ok, LOC I am checking your shop out now!! :) Good Luck everyone!!

Posted at 3:07pm Oct 1, 2009 EDT